Sunday, July 31, 2005

Margo Napoli (model)

This photo is about 5 years old and must be one of the first of a slingshots I saw.

Alicia's First Girl Ch. 01 (story)

A story of an sexual encounter between Alicia (30) who describes Nancy at the beach.

"The girl was young--perhaps in her early twenties--and utterly, impossibly gorgeous, lying on a large beach towel and clad only in a slingshot-style one-piece bathing suit that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. "

Alicia's First Girl Ch. 01

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Castelsardo (place)

This is a photo of Castelsardo marina contains a beach where I wore my two black string, yellow cloth slingshot. You will find the beach to the right of the black watch tower harbour entrance.
We were moored on the north top of the marina just across from the beach. I rowed across the marina at about 1500 and pulled the dingy ashore. On the middle of the beach were some boats, laying my towel nearby and sitting down to face the marina I took note of the people nearby. Should I wear my slingshot?

On the left were 8 people, one was a group of four the other four were on the rocks in pairs, they were about 10 meters way. Looking right there were just three people on the beach about 15 meters way. The tower was about 30 meters away and a group of teenagers were diving from the rocks away from the beach I was sat on.

I changed into the slingshot on the beach, being careful not to be uncovered. Once changed I stood up and went for a swim. Walking into the see I saw the people on the left had not seen a slingshot before. After about 3 minutes I walked ashore just as a person on the right was walking into the sea for a swim with an open mouth.

I layed down on my front with my head on my arms and noticed a lady on the left who was lying on her front sunbathing looking at me for a few minutes. It had been her black string thong which had made up my mind to wear my sling.

I noticed the noise from the tower had almost stopped, while adjusting my position they were looking towards the beach talking. The gap between the two strings at the back and my back is enough so the wind can make the strings shake. There was just enough wind to make this happen.

The noice from the tower returned and after about 10 minutes I decided to turn over and put some suntan lotion on my front. I was careful to cover every part of my skin on the front, obviously it took a bit of time because the swimsuit is not that big. Lying back the front strings and patch were fine for about 15 minutes until I decided to leave.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bikini beach (buy)

This shop has one of the best selection of styles with quick delivery to Europe. Look for the Meme and Roma brands. It looks like the Bikini Joe brand no longer offers slingshot, shame because the red metallic one looked great.

The customer contest hasn't been updated for quite a few months however the previous winners especially Amy (purple Roma) and Jacqui (meme yellow) look great.

In 2004 they started a second website, with a page containing slingshots. You'll have to find it using a search engine. Here is a Roma suspender thong.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Marlene Burns (model)

Marlene has had a recent photoshoot where she wears an orange slingshot. I have difficulty believing the age shown at her onemodelplace.

I have found a total of three examples at her onemodelplace and yahoo group. Once more become available this could overtake Ashley's Teasum photoshoots as the slingshot of the year.

Her website will be available soon, but its said that for a few months.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tina Rigdon (model)

You can buy lots of images of Tina wearing slingshots and other bikinis from here. tina's clubs at fitness-beauties

However, because of the number of clubs, I think the monthly subscription is better value.

The blue slingshot shown on the right is the preview of "Tina Bottom Supreme". The shots of this slingshot poolside are some the best available.

I don't think she has worn slingshots since the 2003, or at least I haven't seen any.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Use of photos

The photos used on this blog are copyrighted by their owners. To enable those owners to know they are being used to promote their products most images are external links to their webservers.

If the owners object to the promotion of their website in this way this please leave a comment attached to the post concerned.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Malibu strings

This shop has three types in very similar styles. Backs with two strings.

This is the Malibu Sling.

Swimwear or Bikini

The generic term swimwear applies to both male and female wearers. However, because beautiful women tend to wear them, bikini will often be used instead.

Purpose of blog

The purpose of this blog is to find and record:
  • people who have worn slingshot swimwear
  • places they have been worn or seen
  • photographers, models, retail and personal websites where they can be seen and/or purchased
  • video/dvds containing people wearing them

Friday, July 01, 2005

What is slingshot swimwear?

The simplest answer is a swimsuit with no sides. Starting from your shoulders the swimsuit drops straight down between your butt cheeks before reappearing at the front and going back up to your shoulders.