Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Porto Conte (place)

One of the most public places I've worn my slingshot was a couple of beaches next this hotel. One of the beaches was just to the right of the first photo on this page.

The following is an account:

I put on my white cloth black string slingshot on the boat and rowed ashore wearing a tshirt and yellow wrap. I walked on the road past Porto Conte Marina towards the hotel. On the left side of this photo on the beach it was a bit full so I walked on. (The next morning before this beach became full I swam ashore wearing my slingshot and sunbathed.)

Walking past a hotel, with people playing tennis I found a wire gate which led down to a beach. It was between two hotels where I'd see people walking earlier that day. It was still the heat of the day so I took of my t-shirt and layed out under a tree for an hour.

At about 1600 I decided it was time to go on the beach, nearby was a canoe hire for a hotel. I layed out on the beach and had a swim. It should be mentioned the width of the beach was about 5 metres, so 50 people who walked past passed less than 3 metres away. Here is a photo:

Two people passing were of note. One was women, about 25 years old wearing a green and black bikini, had a broad smile. A mother, about 38, with husband and son glanched back with a expression looking like she couldn't believe my swimsuit was so small.

At 1730 I needed to to a local shop, walking along the road and passing houses my t-shirt and wrap kept my sling shot covered. The shop was slightly to busy so my wrap was changed to shorts. Walking back to the boat I changed back into my wrap. Passing the marina a women, about 30, wearing a pink t-shirt and short black dress was at the entrance, if only I was wasn't wearing my t-shirt.

On getting back to the dingy a couple of young women and man were messing about and posing in the water nearby. I got back to the boat as this photo shows. Notice the orange and white building on the left matches the aerial photo above.