Friday, November 11, 2005

Pictures with every posting

There were about 6 posts on this blog that didn't have pictures. I've gone though and added some.

Previous entries for at least two models and two places where you can buy slingshots have been updated.

My Wife's Young Black Lover (story)

Here are three of the five mentions of slingshots.

"...For instance, one hot summers day, when he was with us, I was out doing some necessary gardening around the shrubbery. I heard the large patio doors open and when I looked up I saw my gorgeous wife coming out to sunbathe. She was wearing her usual sunbathing outfit, a white slingshot bikini, which was so minuscule it left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and a matching pair of high heels. Her blonde locks were tied loosely up and I noticed her lips were glossy and pink. She looked incredibly beautiful and sexy walking towards me. Her large tanned breasts bounced gently under the two thin white straps of her bikini as she came along the path to the secluded sun trap area. She smiled at me and lay down on one of the loungers. She looked wonderful lying there. I went back to my gardening..."

"...What did she do? In return she simply teased him back by applying oil to herself. She slowly ran her oily fingers all over her stomach, and her thighs and paid particular attention to the bulges of her huge breasts on either side of the slingshots straps until they glistened..."

"...walked towards the house saying she would get drinks for us all. She looked sensational as she walked away from us. From behind she looked almost naked except for the single thin strap of the slingshot that disappeared between her tanned buttocks which wiggled gently as she walked..."

Read the full story - Loving Wives - My Wife's Young Black Lover:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yellow glassbottom boat from Mahon (place)

This is my white slingshot taken at Taullera. It is difficult to judge the distance to the yellow glass bottom boat which leaves Mahon every hour. At 50 meters its not the closest a tourist boat has came while I've been wearing my slingshot. On another occasion in this bay the white tourist boat you will see soon came within 20 meters.

Taullera 2 (place)

The picture of the teardrop slingshot were taken next to the Alfonso canal where the black dot it. I've worn my slingshot in other places.
This cove has regular glass bottom tour boats passing through it. The last post about this place had a cotton wrap covering the slingshot, this is what it looks like without the wrap.

Karen wearing a red slingshot (natural)

The photo below is part of one of my best sets because it is semi-natural. Karen was on holiday in Cancun. She admits on a website (which discusses this all inclusive resort) that she didn't wear it long.

It not often you see someone wearing a slingshot, which has not been taken as part of a photoshoot. This photo is probably the best of the set despite the strings running in different ways.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

DailySlingBikini (website)

A page that changes every day, although the images have usually been seen elsewhere. But still worth visiting.