Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best ever slingshot photo (model)

It appeared Teasum hadn't taken many slingshots to Jamaica in April 2006. Then Paul Lucido, the husband of Heather (blue sling on the beach) and the joint owner of Teasum hits us with this on his onemodeplace. However, looking that tag it was taken by IN8's who only photographer (I think) is Todd Plinke.

Four beautiful women looking at the camera wearing slings so you can the gap between the strings and the curves of their back. Probably the best slingshot photo in the world ever.

However, Andy McFarland takes high quality photos of slingshots on the beach quite often so this is unlikely to last.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pink sling and jeans

There are not many people who wear slingshots in public so I like this photo because is shows they do exist. It was taken at a bike rally.

Julie Gerhard silver pool (model)

A lot of Julie's slings wearing photoshoots have been on the beach so I forgot this silver slinghot existed.

Brandy (model)

Julie Gerhard red shower (model) (buy)

If this site gets running a again there are about 20 downloadable, reasonable quality, clips of slingshots at a bikini contest. Faith's blue and pink dotted single string back is the best in my opinion.

Try this google images search to see some of them.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Christina Linehan tiger sling (model)

Deeann Donovan black sling (model)

A slightly better shoot, still not as good as the blue patch microsling.

Deeann Donovan (model)

Not the best of Deeann Donovan but fairly recent.

Tina Jo Bagne (model)

Tina has been absence from the internet for a while, but she might be back. Her married name is Tina Jo Orban.


Julie Gerhard silver (model)

Julie Gerhard yellow sling (model)

Julie has worn a lot of slings on photoshoots on the beach. This one is very at a swimming pool next to the beach and is probably one of the worse.

Look out for the zebra, dark red, red, black, green, blue CK microsling on the beach and vintage car, dark blue, gold

Karen Zaremba, blue sling (model)

This women and the sling she is wearing deserves to be the first topless photo featured on this blog.

This would have been a better picture if she had smiled.

Mayra, red sling (model)

Vanessa, silver (model)

She has worn a pink single string slingshot. You've seen the yellow and red bikinis in this style, here is the silver one.

She is quoted saying
During spring break I wear a smaller bikini. Everyone wants to see something, and we are not allowed to flash. I don’t want them to be disappointed.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

She has more slings than me (natural)

I almost stopped breathing when I first saw this photo. I thought WOW, she has worn most of them on the beach and it made me very sorry for ever doubting she was real.

The models who wear slings are great but because this women has so many and wears them naturally on the beach she is one of the goddesses of sling bikinis along with K. I don't know how many suits K has but she wore a red one on a beach with over 300 people.

I think I can make out at least 14 different slingshots which is almost double the number I have.
  • A tiger/camo two piece, with two string on the back (bottom left)
  • A red two piece, unknown back strings (above tiger)
  • A black or blue micro sling from CK (above red)
  • A tiger pattern with more material, probably to strings ( above microsling)
  • A red one similar to the tiger (above tiger)
  • Another red one with white edges (above read one)
  • Another blue patch microsling from CK, tiny strings (front of bed)
  • A bright yellow, single string on back
  • A blue two piece with two strings (above yellow)
  • A green, single string on back (above blue)
  • A bright pink, unknown strings (above green)
  • A light pink two piece, with double strings
  • A white/pale two piece, with two strings
  • Bright orange, unknown strings (on right side)

Tamar better photo (model)

I found a better photo of Tamar at Teasum April photoshoot. Somewhere I have one of her on a beach taken last year.

Sandy's silver sling (model)

I wonder how many people break a leg with shoes that high, I don't think she needs them to enhance the shape of her legs and thighs.

Happy hunting for Sandy in a black sling in a hotel room overlooking the beach.

Karen Zaremba (model)

There seems to be a ageless quality to women who wear slings because it is hard to believe Karen is over 35 years old. Visit her at

A photo of her wearing a slingshot on the front of a boat is beautiful. These are almost as good. But the set from Rob Sims website fitnessbeauties .

She is with Tonya Elliott.

One final photo.

Mayra Veronica (model)

No words, just 3 photos.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Unknown model in blue teardrop (model)

Not the biggest of photos from a bikini contest. It looks a bit like Marisa Matthews but the hips and waist seem to be different but this might be the angle the photo was taken. If is not her does anyone know who she is?

Andy Mcfarland (photographer)

The god of swimsuit photography, especially beautiful women wearing slingshots on the beach, is Andy McFarland. Buy stuff from his store by visiting his website.

He also has a one model place and is featued on other sites.

I hope while he was with Teasum this April they gave him some suits for his models to wear in the future.

Theresa Correa (model)

Theresa is wearing the blue sling like Charity and Vida before her.

Visit Theresa's onemodelplace.

Clevelander Hotel

A comment to a previous post asked what hotel to seach for. It is the Clevelander Hotel in Florida. They have a bikini contest every week on Sunday I think.

Very small yellow sling (mysling)

I've mentioned I was making a third sling out the bright yellow material. It would be great to wear it on the beach but the material on the front turned out smaller than expected so I might not. My teardrop is no longer my smallest slingshot.

It has a single string on the back.

A spare piece of yellow material enables the two strings on the front to be tied together so they appear to be a single string.

Andrea (natural)

Andrea has a lots of Wicked Weasel bikinis but I think I can see at least 3 slings from other swimsuit makers in this photo.