Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The last month has probably been the best ever month for beautiful women wearing slings taken by high quality photographers.

Thanks to everyone involved for creating these works of art.

It includes:
Andy Mcfarland and the models he has taken.
Debra wearing a blue sling from Teasum taken by Todd Plinke at IN8.
Photographers and models at Teaseum's April shoot.
Wicked Temptations updating there sling designs and new models.
Chrissy Moran in a silver slingshot.
Jamie Eason wearing a red sling like swimsuit taken by Johnny Crosslin.
Samantha Harris wearing a red sling on the beach for Stare magazine.
Sandy in car with friend both wearing slings.

Orange sling at lake 2 (model)

I mentioned about a month ago that I thought Andy McFarland would take back the prize for best slingshot photographer. He has photographed Carmen, Teresa and this model wearing a variety of slings recently.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Orange sling at lake (model)

This one might be a bit more difficult, this is the only shot I've seen.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Siouxsie R (model)

Three photos of Siouxsie wearing a one piece pink slingshot with two strings on the back.

Look out for the two links below.


Visit her website at http://www.siouxsie.net/

Karen Zaremba, boat (model)

A single shot from a photoshoot, haven't seen it on any site for sale. Does anyone know who took it?

Whose wearing the black sling (model)

Who is this and do you know what she is standing on?

Bonus, if you can name the photographer and the website you can you buy the set from.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

White sling swimsuit in pool (natural)

I don't know who this but it looks like she might be wearing it in her pool. I rate these photos very highly.

Who is wearing this red slingshot? (model)

How well do you know your slingshot wearing models? A simple one to start with.
  1. Who is this?
  2. Where was it taken? (eg. beach, contest, balcony, studio...)
  3. Which website is it from?
Give your answers in the comments if you know.

Jennifer Joseph, red sling (model)

This is still a large slingshot compared to the one she wears while on the back of a horse.

Tiny bright pink sling swimsuit (model)

This website was only available for a short time.

I don't like the bright pink heels in these photos, but great color coordination.

A third shot, one more to go.

She had a small audience.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Jennifer Joseph, blue sling (model)

Jennifer has worn a tiny string slingshot on a horse, these are almost as good.

Julie Gerhard gold sling (model)

A treat for everyone, five gold slingshot photos taken on the beach.

Camo sling (model)

Porto Conte (places)

I've found a photo of two beaches where I wore my teardrop slingshot. The first is in the middle and was by a tree. People would walk from the hotel on the left to the hotel on the right and the other way round.

The second beach which I swam to the following morning is on the very right side. Look for the black blobs on the full size photo.

Teardrop slingshot (mysling)

This is the 5th post about slings I've worn. It is the teardrop sling worn on various beaches I've posted about earlier. First the back.

If the wind is blowing the strings on this suit vibrate against my back reminding me I'm wearing such as small swimsuit.

I've adjusted this slightly since I last wore it on the beach. The strings are shorter and the bottom of the white cotton was sewn together to create a pocket. I discovered, after the holiday, the cotton becomes clear when wet so haven't worn it for a while.

Julie Gerhard blue beach (model)

Julie Gerhard pink pool (model)