Friday, March 30, 2007

Jessica Canizales (model)

Five photos of Jessica Canizales in 3 slingshots. The first two slings are a blue single string on the back which was taken on the beach.

She is wearing part of a two piece sling in the third photo. The last two sling photos are from a few years ago at a bikini jam contest where she is wearing a slightly larger one piece slingshot.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alicia in green sling (natural)

Malibu strings have been selling slingshots for a few years and occasionally customers appear on their website. Here is what Alicia says followed by one of the pictures:
I really like slings, what I like the best, is that they allow me to read people's minds. As I walk down the beach, the men are all thinking "How does that stay on" soon followed by "I wish it didn't" The women are thinking "why of all days did she have to come to the beach" soon followed by "come on honey we need to go home RIGHT NOW". With these thoughts on my mind and 10 foot waves to play in it was just Cowabunga! and in to the surf I went. I figure I can't get in trouble if my top falls off, it was just an act of god. . .

Friday, March 02, 2007

Silver teardrop sling (mysling)

This reflective silver teardrop slingshot with black strings is the most recent sling I've made and have been wearing. The strings can be adjusted so a single string appears on the back and the front.

The women in the yellow towel had never seen a sling before because she keeps looking.

I've included the steps which were mentioned in a post a few days ago.

Faith in two slingshots (model)

Faith wearing a white slingshot and black slingshot on a dvd you can get on the web. The white slingshot get effected by the water when they mess about in it.

Faith in a blue and pink slingshot (model)

Thirteen video captures of Faith wearing a slingshot at a bikini contest in Florida.

This is my favorite design of sling. A single string on the back with three small patches on the front. Shame about the blue with pink dots color scheme.

She has a video/dvd available on the internet which has her wearing slingshots with better colors. One clip has her on the beach with someone else wearing a pink sling. She also wears a black bottom with a white lace teardrop top.

Pink sling at bikini contest (model)

Three photos of a two piece slingshot taken at a bikini contest in Florida.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Seeing a slingshot for the first time (mysling)

About 30 minutes after the following photo was taken I walked towards the steps near the bin on the left. Whilst preparing to change at the bottom I heard the following from a Swedish women to her husband:
What's this...
They stopped walking along the sea front and stopped at the top of the stairs.
...I think it new type of swimsuit...
I put on a towel and changed into a larger swimsuit. During this they had walked slowly along and when they were about 10 meters away I was holding the strings of the slingshot about to fold it up.
...look how small it is...

Melissa Ann (model)

Four photos of a beautiful women wearing a green Teaseum sling bikini from about four years ago. It looks like Teaseum slingshot bikini are no longer available.

Yellow and pink slingshot (model)

A photo of a sling bikini taken at a bikini contest.