Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Contacting me

You can now email me direct.

The email address is basically the name of this website with @gmail.com on the end giving the following.
slingshots dot blogspot dot com at gmail dot com

Enjoy the new look

I've changed the blogger template used by the slingshot swimwear blog which has three major changes.
  1. all posts have labels which can be used to find similar items, these replace the categories in brackets I had been using before
  2. the way archives appear has been improved
  3. the link to add a comment to a post is less obvious
Hope you keep enjoying the blog and let me know if you have any comments.

Hotel beach

I spent two days wearing slingshots around this beach which was under the shadow of a hotel. This one was taken just after I'd climbed a 3 metre high ladder from the sea. About an hour later I was taking photos near the palm trees as people started using the beach.

Yet another beach shower

I used this silver teardrop slingshot so much it wore out in two months.

The silver part was replaced with a slightly smaller black teardrop which should not wear out so quick.


Visit Mia's page at Teaseum Bikini.


Visit Lacy's page at Teaseum.

Marina yellow sling

The same location but in yellow single string slingshot.

Marina black slingshot

I had a good afternoon taking photographs at a marina of me wearing various slings. Here is my black silver teardrop sling.

Sisters seeing a slingshot

One of my favorite shots whilst wearing my tiny yellow single string sling on the beach. These two passing on the the walkway above look like sisters.

Someone with a video camera

I was wearing my tiny yellow single string slingshot while anchored of this hotel. Afterwards I noticed a women who had been watching with a movie camera. Hope she enjoyed the video.

Wicked Temptations

The people over at Wicked Temptations have updated their swimsuit collection.

It has a great selection of slingshot designs, here are some of them. Does anyone know who the model with black hair is?

Heather Lucido

Heather has featured on this blog at least three times before.

Here are three recent shoots of this beautiful women taking a shower on the beach wearing a gold slingshot.