Saturday, May 31, 2008

Five large slings

Here are five two string slingshot bikinis. I have no idea who they are or when they were taken so if anyone has any ideas please add a comment.

Debra A

Debra has featured before on this blog wearing a metallic blue slingshot. I like this one more than those.

Plages de Pompierre 2

Another few shots from the beach.

Plages de Pompierre

I went to Pompierre beach and wore my sling which caused some reaction on a couple of occasions. The first one was a women explaining to her friend and some others that I'd been wearing it whilst walking along the beach and taking some photos. She explained how the back strings ran.

On a second visit a women in a beautiful white bikini kept directing her friends attention towards me and making a complementary hand signals. This was about an hour after I'd overheard two people (who were passing) talking about a small swimsuit. ("...petit maillot de bain...")


This dinghy has been very handy getting to some of the beaches where I've worn my slingshots.

End of Coconut beach

A popular early morning walk on the beach.

Boat on an island

The island had lots of visitors during the day.

Sitting on the beach

Nice clear water.

At the airport

Standing at the end of a runway wearing my teardrop sling.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Britney Mcgraw

Six photos of a silver slingshot like bikini

Pool and hotel

Climbing into the pool at a housing complex wearing my teardrop sling.

Sitting at a beach cafe on the beach outside a hotel.

Getting better at slingshot photos

A collection of three photos taken on a desert island.

The light and water color was good on these photos better than most other shots.

A final view of the black teardrop two string slingshot

Standing on tip toes

At another beach whilst wearing my teardrop sling.

Grande Anse, Terre De Haut

A few shots taken last summer of my black teardrop slingshot on Grand Anse Beach on the island of Terre De Haut.

Later that day the sun set


Three photos of Jessica in three different sling bikinis.

Tina Bagne

Tina had been feature before, the last shot with the car was found in the last year.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jody at bikini contest

Four photos of Jody taking part in the Coconuts on the Beach bikini contest.

Car and slingshot

We hired a car whilst exploring the island.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coconut sun lounger

Three photos taken whilst on the Coconut beach using one of their sun loungers.

The temperature was hot.

The water was lovely.

Wedding arch

I visited the Coconut Beach Club which was a nice place. This arch caught my attention so had to take a photo. If you visit their photo page you will see it is normally used for weddings.