Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Public swimming pool, three sling bikinis

I went to a public swimming pool and what did I see?

Someone sitting on a chair wearing a one piece golden slingshot.

Who is the other chair for? Her friend?

Who is walking to the chair through the pool area wearing a one piece sling.

The chairs were by the pool.

Two slingshot at public pool, WOW!

They decided to get up and go for a walk.

So everyone could see the way the strings run on a slingshot. One single the other double.

Lots of people watching whilst they did this.

If you think our slingshot bikini are small what about other friend whose just arrived.

I looked and saw a women wearing an even smaller sling which was yellow.

With a single string up the back.

The clips ends returning to a Japanese TV show it seemed to have appeared on. No idea what is was about or why?

Sling cover

I usually have a matching piece of material to wear around my waist when walking whilst wearing my slingshots. This beach has also been featured before.

Kimmy's teardrops

This blog is all about slingshot bikinis and swimwear so Kimmy shouldn't really be on it until she wears one. However, I mentioned her in a previous post so here are three of her small bikinis.

Busier beach with a sling

This beach has featured before, here is another shot.

Jodi's teardrops

I mentioned she had some other tiny bikinis so her are five more of Jodi's small bikinis. The last one is my favorite, followed by the first one. If only she had more slingshots.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Waves on back

Another shot on the beach.


Jodi is a beautiful women who has been wearing tiny teardrop bikinis on the beach for quite a few years. Like Kimmy, she like competing in customer competitions. First on Wicked Weasel and more recently on Malibu Strings.

At last she has worn a sling.

A second photo.

Here are three of her teardrops.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


IN8 photography is the best place to find slingshot photos and of the recent batch this one caught my eye.

Adjusting her teardrop sling

Four shots of a women wearing a Colleen Kelly metallic teardrop slingshot whilst on a boat.

Sorry about the quality.

Another capture from the video.

She spotted the camera and smiled a moment later.

Five photos on the trail

I walked along trail and visited lots of beaches, this was one of them.

This beach has been featured before, here is another shot.

There was a bird watching area in the mangroves.

Another shot on the beach.

Final shot later in the day.

At the fort

Signalling to the boats from a flag pole at the top of a hill.

Cannons ready to defend the island.

Resting on a park bench in the grounds of the fort.