Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silvana Martinez

Good photo of Silvana wearing a slingshot.

On the beach

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ten of my slingshots

While at the beach I took a photo of many of my slingshots. Look at the full size picture to read the comments. The tiny black two string sling and the yellow one string sling next to it are my favorites.

Videos of slings

For a great collection of slingshot videos visit bikinicontestfan's channel on You Tube.

More tan lines

I hope to have a bright yellow sling of a similar size next time I go on holiday. It might have thinner strings although I think they might dig into my skin to much.

Beach, net and palm tree

Lying in a pool of water on the beach whilst wearing my teardrop sling.

A number of fishing nets on the beach with two strings of the back of the slingshot.

Against a palm tree waiting for the sun to set.

Three open slings

The open sling consists of just string with no patches of material.

I prefer slingshots with a bit of material because there is a chance someone would wear them on a public beach because they like them. A teardrop sling is my favorite and njslinggirl of has worn them on the beach.

Darlene Silva

Sign at an inn

Not a very good photo of a slingshot, the weather was a bit dull.

Beach bar slingshot

Walking up one of the steps to a beach bar.

The bar also had another set of steps.

A group of American students visited this beach a while later whilst I was sunbathing wearing this sling.

The beach bar had some seats.

The tiny piece of material moved slightly so my tan lines are showing.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have found a 50 second clip of a fitness model or body builder walking along a public street in a blue single piece single string slingshot.

It could be Deco Drive somewhere in Florida. Does anyone know who she is (Natasha*) and if there are any more photos or videos of her? (*not sure how the person found out her first name, so it might be something else.)

When you follow this link listen for the "Oh my god!" and towards the end the high pitched "did you see that"

And here are some snap shots.

Description of slingshot

Some information about slings.
The bikini sling is stretchable and elastic. There is connectivity between the bra and underwear of the bikini. If some styles of slingshot bikini the bra and underwear are attached with each other however in some styles there are ornamental rings are used to connect them. In most of the sling shot bikinis the bottom area is very revealing and looks like a sexy thong. There are straps of material are used that move up from the back and cover the breasts then wrap around the back side part of beck. There is not neckline; upper side straps are moving downward the pubic bone. In the micro sling bikini the neck straps are moving downward passing through the nipples and form a criss cross pattern on the bust. There is special type slingshot bikini has been used by women which is slingshot suspender bikini. It is widely used by dancers and sexy looking women. There are elastic suspenders are used to which the tops of the stockings are fixed firmly with the undergarments.

Another famous form of slingshot bikini is mesh slingshot bikini in which there is push up bra has been used. The sling bikinis are usually known as swimsuits but they are not swimwear in average thinking. Its design is related to visual appearance. However it is commonly said that there is problem in standing upright while wearing a slingshot bikini and the stretching material has tendency to slip over the curves revealing the places that a woman might rather to keep in cover. The slingshot bikini is used in world of high class fashion swimwear because they are more revealing therefore you won’t usually found the slingshot bikinis on the beach. The slingshot is also used by men. There is a counterpart of slingshot which is used for men. In the men's slingshot bikini the pieces are not come with shoulder straps. They are available in different designs.