Monday, October 06, 2008

Tiny silver sling shower

Wearing my smallest silver slingshot swimsuit in the shower on the beach.

It was a nice beach with a diving school.

This palm tree was near the shower outside the restaurant.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tiny silver sling

Three more photos of my smallest slingshot swimsuit taken on the beach.

The strings on the tiny sling are option two.

Wearing my tiny silver sling sitting on a palm tree with a couple of swimmers in the background.

My smallest slingshot, option 2

My tiniest slingshot has a second option for how the strings run with a single string on the back.

The front of the sling has two strings.

Walking along the beach it is quite comfortable to wear although the lack of material makes it slight awkward to get on.

My smallest slingshot, option 1

I mentioned my tiniest slingshot swimsuit a few post ago.

The sling is very small. Option one has a single string at the front.

I tried a single string on the back but decided I liked the ability to alter the way the strings run.