Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shelly white sling

Shelly wearing a white slingshot bikini on the beach. It featured on a website which no longer exist.

Michele, USA slingshot

Two clip of Michele wearing a USA slingshot bikini at a contest.

Part two.

Lauren, USA sling

Lauren wearing a tiny usa slingshot bikini at a bikini contest on the beach. My FAVORITE of Lauren's slings.

She pours the audience some drinks.

Lauren yellow sling, two video clips

Two more clips of Lauren wearing a slightly different yellow slingshot bikini. This first clip show her walking along a beach. It also feature Mary Riley wearing a white sling bikini

A second clip with a crowd gathered around Lauren and two other women wearing slingshot bikinis.

Lauren wearing a sling

I have just put my first two video clips of slings on my YouTube channel which you can check out at the following address. it.youtube.com/user/aslingshot57

It features Lauren wearing a yellow slingshot bikini at the beach taken by a palm tree. She featured in bikini contest in Florida and Cancan sometime in the 1990s. Below is part 2.