Monday, May 16, 2011

Sixteen sling seers

This account is what I did two days after the photographer on the beach mentioned the newspaper. First a photo of the event. Notice the red dot.

I left my house wearing my yellow sling bikini with 3mm strings and a white 6-7 inch high wrap both covered by a shirt and shorts. It was a good decision because unlike other times there were six neighbors in four different gardens all of which are near my front garden.

I stood watching the beach that Sunday afternoon, with the beach busy outside the surf club and between the swimming markers. Away from the club the beach was unexpectedly quiet so I decided to removed my shirt and shorts. I decided to keep my wrap on until I found a place to sunbathe well away from the surf club and the crowds.

About half half way from the club to the harbor entrance I lay my towel out, removed my wrap and sunbathed wearing my tiny swimsuit.

It was a hot day, and after about thirty minutes about 15 people arrived one of the beach entrances I'd passed earlier. They were quite a long distance away so I decided to keep sunbathing in just my sling bikini rather than use the wrap to increase the apparent size of my swimsuit.

To cool down I decided to go and have a shower at the nearest beach exit. I'd considered just wearing my sling but decided to wear the wrap. Perhaps I'd just wear the swimsuit back.

Getting to the main road I discovered there was no shower on the post. It looked like it used to have one before it was removed. I started to walk back and a moment later undid the string holding the wrap together. The walk back to my towel took about 90 seconds.

I was annoyed there was no shower to cool down so had to make do with water. It was just over an hour since I'd first arrived when I thought about walking to the next beach access down wearing ONLY my sling bikini. It has a shower attached to a toilet block. The car park you have walk along is usually busy on weekends.

The previous time I'd walked done this exact thing had been on a weekday.
It would involve walking past 11 people who has recently arrived on the beach. I decided I would wear my white wrap which at a distance seems solid. Once you are within a few meters you'd notice it is slightly transparent with the skin color underneath showing through. I'd have to remove it while having the shower because it goes very transparent when wet.

However, it suddenly occurred to me that it would take about 10-20 minutes to do this. I asked myself “What would happen if someone stole everything else you had? Could you walk into your front garden past everyone in very skimpy clothes? Also, could you cross the main beach road and past the local park first?

It was at this point I saw a large group of people just starting to walk along the beach and another dare sprung to mind. “You've had similar large groups of people passing you while sunbathing in your skimpiest sling bikini. Can you now walk WITHIN 5 METERS while wearing a slingshot?” I realized it solved the uncertainty of using the shower car park. It was also about time to get out of the scorching sun.

So, I packed away everything and started walking. After three minutes I started to approach five people sunbathing before leaving them on my left. There were two others just beyond them and three people on the sand dunes. I thought I saw one of the eleven reach for a camera as someone made a sound as if to say “wow, that's an unbelievably small bikini.”

I found myself passing the first person of the large group. It was at this point I noticed LOTS of them had cameras and were wearing sun shades I associate with American tourists. They were obviously retired and had a younger guide with them.

Imagine the scene. (the photo above was taken 2-4 minutes before, I was now at the red dot.)

I am wearing a very skimpy yellow slingshot bikini which is seven inches high and about three inches wide. It has two 3mm back strings which are running up from my butt to my shoulders. I'm carrying a bag with my stuff.

A photo taken from those behind on my left would feature the two dental floss strings very clearly with the entire large group less then 5 meters to my right. I discovered afterwards there were at least SIXTEEN people in that group. I could tell as I passed, many had never seen such a small swimsuit before.

I considered walking to the end of the beach by the quay but decided this was a bad idea because it is a very popular place for families. That was the end of my sunbathing and slingshot wearing for the day.

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