Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nine of my sling swimsuit

The following photo shows nine of my slingshot swimsuits although this collection is less than half the amount sling bikinis Emma has currently. From memory, I think this is about the number of slingshots Lisa had.
Nine slingshots on the beach
This photo was taken on a beach where I took photos while wearing each of these slings. They will be posted next time.

Sunset slings

A collection of six photos taken near sunset. It makes the skin have a nicer tan color. Photos 4-6 feature a tire I found washed ashore.

Proof of tiny swimsuit

The women who took the following photo returned to the beach later with three friends as shown on the second photo.

Shortly later, I started to sunbath on my back and when they returned the women took a couple of photos of me with HER camera. The other three continued walking. Lots of other people have done this before but I decided today was the day.

I stood and offered to let her take photos of the back string. She said, "yes, okay" and proceeded to take at least three photos and maybe 5/6 of the front and back strings while I was standing up.

When she relates the story about seeing a tiny micro swimsuit on a beach she can show her friends the photos.

Slingshot, tan lines

Taken on the same beach as the last post. You can see from the tan lines this is my main beach swimsuit. The sling patch is seven inches high and about 2-3 inches wide. Strings are 3mm each.

Reclining sling swimsuit

Here are five photos all taken on the beach of a small island whilst wearing my bright yellow slingshot bikini.

A general store, a sling story

I took some photos wearing my sling swimsuit near a shop. Most them had bad lighting. Retouching them didn't help much. The end.

Beach sling photos, more

A sequence of seven photos taken on a beach in pacific French territory. The first photos show how short the wrap is compared to the sling patch. Five inches compared to seven inches.

Five inch high micro wrap with slingshot bikini.

Six single string slings

Usually come out crap, not a bad attempt.

One footed slingshot wearing

Three strings layouts for the back of a slingshot swimsuit

Front of sling bikini strings, three options.

Black sling bikini.

Sling swimsuits, retouched

I sometimes attempt to edit some less good photos. These are two improvements from the originals.
Bright yellow slingshot, original color with rest in BW.

Strings of a sling bikini against the sky.

Marina sling bikini

Two photos taken whilst wearing my bright yellow slingshot swimsuit at a marina.
Leaving the boat in only a sling bikini

Walking along the pontoon in my sling.

Would you take my photo?

I was on a beach walking whilst only wearing my bright yellow sling bikini and carrying nothing else with me. I decided it was time to ask complete strangers to take lots of photos (with my camera). Previously I'd just got a couple each time.

The first person took seven photos while her friend watched. I changed the single string front to double strings on photo 5.

The second took 12 photos over about 60 seconds. I'd just been swimming so water was still dripping of me.

Beach shower bench

Hello again. I've been wearing my slingshots in lots of places and will be updating my blog in the next week of so.

I know most visitors want to see photos of women in slingshots but the reason for starting this blog was to share my sling wearing life. If Emma is reading this hopefully she will send some pictures to satisfy you.

Here are three pictures with the front sling strings in single string configuration.

A bright yellow wrap and sling seated at a bench by a beach shower.

The wrap is five inches high.

Six slingshot swimsuits in a row.