Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seventeen slings

A set of 17 slingshot bikini pictures. Some might have been posted before.

The second and the one with "fit marlee" in a blue suit holding the black strings is the best. Love the mesh dress she also wore at the same photo shoot.


Riko from Japan is another women who likes wearing slingshot bikinis. I believe she got married and stopped posting pictures. Then a few years later she started posting pictures again. The pictures below are from both times.

If only Emma had a slingshot as small as the red one.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sherri Gulley

Sherri Gulley has featured before but the following recent photo by Andy Mcfarland is outstanding. The blue micro bikini in a studio and pool side are taken by other people and are also great.

Shame there aren't more photos of Sherri wearing a slingshot bikini. Visit her model mayhem page and you will find it difficult to believe her age.

It is a good thing Andy Mcfarland doesn't have a Colleen Kelly patch micro sling for his models to wear. The earth might be knocked of it axis. I think it would be worth it to see Sherri and many of his models in such a small bikini.

85 sling from doax

My largest ever post. These 85 images are about half of those I have taken from volleyball computer game called DOAX. It had many swimsuits including lots of slingshots. I never played the game so these come from the web. The character Lisa was my favorite although she doesn't compare to the real Lisa who sometimes leaves comments. She once mentioned wearing a sling to a hotel pool with her friend.