Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cacao Linda

A women (Linda or Mavis) who owns at least one sling shot bikini and other tiny swimsuits, including many tear drop bikinis. She wears them on holidays and many photos have great lighting.

The person with her in many photos is Edgardo.

To start, seven photos of her wearing a bright yellow sling bikini.

The first pose is similar to one described in a story featuring Melissa. On day 1 of the study (Monday) she climbs on a beach bar to demonstrate how her four piercings and gold rings stop her custom made sling shot bikini from slipping. The patches are made to exact measurements and the strings get threaded through the rings. A single thin black string runs from her butt to shoulder. It is an extreme sling swimsuit but at no point during the seven days does she accidentally become uncovered whilst wearing it in public at the hotel pool or walking through a university campus to a popular tourist beach. She has a custom skirt and top matching the bikini material. The skirt has clips for attaching to the bikini so the micro skirt stays in position whilst at airports and hotels and whilst doing her job interviewing people for the study.

A selection of her other bikinis where some teardrops are very small.

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