Friday, July 28, 2017

Amy Nicole fade to black sling

Mesh slingshot swimsuit with single string. Great design from swimxotic with photo taken by Amaginations. But, the front covers to much skin because of the width of the mesh. If only the mesh keeping her covered was a tear drop shape and joined by strings.

Pity the lighting wasn't better for the whole set. The third photo was on the internet for a bit before the whole set was released. Like how the back string running from neck to butt appears on some.

Random 38 sling bikini photos

Mix of slings

Jessica Barton watermelon sling bikini

A single string sling worn by Jessica Barton. Her sister was also at the photo shoot and wore a blue slingshot. Separate sets exist but a few exist with both together in sling bikinis.

Like you can see the string on the neck, running down between her butt, the front material peaks out below her leg and when it reappears you can see the patches covering her breast. The yellow makes the sting stand out.

Melissa Lori

Swimxotic sling bikini in pink with black polka dot strings taken by Andy at Amaginations.

The best photos of slingshot swimsuits have an air gap between skin and the back string running from shoulder to butt. Like this first photo. Good if the hair is either shorter or like these four where the string on the neck can be seen.