Friday, February 08, 2019

Barbell mesh sling bikinis and one inch skirts

Snip from a story were Melissa described a bikini and skirt she wore to her neighbor's pool. She gets other sets of the same design but in different colours and wears them on a combined holiday and photo shoot at a beach cafe. A few photos show the back string and front patches like Melissa Lori photos.

The second year of the event she gets double payment and the others get bonus if Melissa only wears her sling bikini from the exit of the airport until returning back to the airport the following week following photoshoots every sunrise and sunset.

I threaded a barbell though my left nipple and and lifted the bikini top. It seemed to weight nothing as I hooked it to the right of the barbell. Holding my breast I pulled the stretchy material so I could hook it on the left of the barbell. A tiny black mesh now covered my left breast with a horizontal clear string that when around my back. The string came out my right side and I used my underarm to hold it it in place.

The second barbell on my right nipple slipped in easy and I pulled the bikini string so it hooked on either side of the nipple with the same black mesh keeping me covered. The string continued across the front and clipped to create a horizontal loop around my body. It was a tight fit but I knew it fitted my breasts to perfection.

I smiled at myself in the mirror and picked up the bikini bottom. The clear string hooked around the bottom of my diamond stud though my belly button. I keep it under tension as I threaded it between my breasts. It was a vertical string that split into two that went either side of my neck before joining again and dropping between my butt cheeks. A tiny black mesh covered by clit as the clear string came up and hooked around the top of my diamond stud.

My bikini was fucking tiny and was held in place by the tension on the vertical and horizontal strings. I could feel the pull on my nipples and my belly button. Moving about my bedroom I confirmed it still remained in place as it had when it was cut to fit by my seamstress’s assistant.
It was amazing, three tiny pieces of black mesh joined by clear string. I appeared to be nude but it did keep everything covered since the mesh was double thickness. The final part of my decent clothes was a skirt. Like the others it was one inch high at the highest point and clipped to the vertical string to stop it moving. The black mesh of the skirt went an inch either side of my bikini bottom. A string was attached to the top and bottom of the skirt which merged into a single clear string that went around my hips. The back was the same as the front and clipped to the string coming out of my butt.

The bikini bandeau top kept everything covered so we had not bothered with another top so I was ready. I moved to a full length mirror and checked everything had staying in place again then walking next door wearing the sexist clothes I’d ever worn. What would they say?

Melissa Lori polka dot floss

The worse event of this decade for beautiful photos of lovely women wearing slingshot bikini was when Andy Mcfarland stopping publishing photos!

He took some sets with Melissa Lori where the green set is good. Love the way he got curve of the back string. A couple having the string, material between her legs and material on left breast showing.

Sling mix

First  is Jen and Jess Barton wearing slings on the beach.

There are two candid photos of slingshot bikini below. One at a beach bar and the other lying on the beach.

Various sling photos

Friday, July 28, 2017

Amy Nicole fade to black sling

Mesh slingshot swimsuit with single string. Great design from swimxotic with photo taken by Amaginations. But, the front covers to much skin because of the width of the mesh. If only the mesh keeping her covered was a tear drop shape and joined by strings.

Pity the lighting wasn't better for the whole set. The third photo was on the internet for a bit before the whole set was released. Like how the back string running from neck to butt appears on some.

Random 38 sling bikini photos

Mix of slings