Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two yellow slingshots (mysling)

I've mentioned my yellow slingshots a few times so here is a preview of the back style for two of them. However, the natural light of the first one has made it look green.

The two strings coming down from the neck merge into on about half way down the back, a bit like Sable's purple and green sling I'd seen elsewhere. I almost wore this to work with a light coloured shirt, luckily I checked in a mirror and saw how much it shows though other material. Will I have the courage to wear it to the shops under a light coloured tshirt this summer?
The following is probably the most comfortable slingshot I've ever made or worn. The string on the back has a diameter of over 1 cm and experiments have shown that a string half the thickness, in this yellow, can be seen from over 100 metres away. It will be exciting to wear it while anchored off very busy beaches which are usually this close. I imagine the number of people who have seen me wearing my slings will pass the 10000 mark. (ten thousand) If you are visiting the beaches on the Canary Islands this summer keep an eye out on the boats anchored.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Ass Menagerie (story)

There are lots of references to slingshot in this story, here is a selection of extracts:


"Nice suit, Jay," Gina said.

"Thanks, Gina," she purred.

Tom saw what the brunette meant when Jyotsana turned. For as much as the one piece covered the front of her torso, it was almost nonexistent in the back. A thong back met suspenders at the sides that rose straight up to form the tank top shoulder straps in the front. Her entire back was open to view.

---snip end---

The following snip is a prelude to lots of women wearing slingshots during tea time.


"We know Tom is an ass freak," Desiree said. "Let's slide him under that table while we dance on top of it."

"Crotch shots galore!" Caitlin expressed her enthusiasm.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Noriko asked. "We could fall through that glass and hurt Tom."

"Slicing our own legs to ribbons in the process," Jyotsana observed.

"Good thought," Gina said. "Except the table is Plexiglas. I've dropped glasses there before, and they just bounce."

So the girls tested it out, using spotters at Caitlin's insistence. After they demonstrated that the table could hold two of them with no problem, they decided to run with the idea. Taking the table out to the pool took some effort, but they had enough hands to manage.

"Now let's get dressed," Noriko said.

"Slingshots," Gina said.

"Agreed," Jyotsana replied.

---snip end---

Tea time starts and after he descibes the slings the women in the snip above are wearing he goes on to describe what the other women are wearing. It begins with the following snip followed by him describing each sling in more detail.

They all wore the same kinds of suits. Tom knew they were called suspender thongs, or torpedoes. Imagine a thong that went over the shoulders rather than the hips. Tension kept the material pulled away from the concave curvature of the back. The same tension kept the front straps tight against the nipples, the furthest points sticking way from the chest.
---snip end---

Don't read the full The Ass Menagerie story if you are easily offended. Most references to slingshot are in part 4.

Faith's suggests flossing daily (model)

A photo from a few years ago.

Blue slingshot with silver/gold strings (mysling)

This slingshot is made out of shiny blue material I got from a sewing shop on East Street . I tried using two different color strings for the back and although the colors differed they both had a metal shine.The blue material was taken from an earlier sling which has been featured on the posts about Es Grau. (this material was the front and the single string on the back)
The silver string is on the right, the gold string is on the left. A problem with this sling was the strings were to long. They have now been reduced in length so hopefully I will wear it on the beach this summer.
However, I suspect my new bright yellow lycra slingshots will be worn more often because while wearing them to work I've found them more comfortable.

Slingshot in public, on a motorbike (natural)

I nearly missed the slingshot on this photo because it was made very small on the website I originally found out. I discovered they had faked the size reduction so it zooms in okay.

The women (middle photo) is wearing a black two string sling with black shorts while seated on a motorbike. It looks like this might be her normal swimsuit.