Saturday, July 29, 2006

The end is almost nigh

I hope everyone has enjoyed this blog all about slingshots and thanks for all the comments.

The updates will probably not occur that often from now on. Perhaps every six months or once a year if you are lucky.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tamar (model)

This red sling has been feature before, but a new photo.

Showering outside with my slingshot (places)

I've mentioned this place before, but never mind.

I had a shower outside in Porto Conte while wearing my teardrop sling. It was taken about 2 hours after I'd worn it on the beach where are least 50 people walking between two hotels passed within 2 metres. This was the first time I'd worn it so close to people and I can still remember the high it caused.

The following day I swam ashore and wore it on another beach. A mother in her mid twenties wearing a nice white bikini tried to read a book but kept looking at my sling instead.

Sling on the boat (places)

This was taken about 40 minutes before the beach shots.

Teardrop sling on the beach (places)

This location has been featured before, the late afternoon sunlight makes a difference.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mahon town (places)

A common occurance, a boat (on left) arrives in Mahon town in Minorca but slingshots are not that common. This photo shows my big swimsuit, the first blue sling I made, which is not very good.

Looking at this photo I find it difficult to believe I wore it on the beach and in the nature reserve about a week later.

A third sling design which I wore this day. I didn't wear it much because the teardrop was more comfortable.

Son Saura (places)

Some more photos of my slings in this place. But first, two tourist boats which often passed while I was wearing them.

I discovered suntan lotion enhances skin color in photos.

This is an aerial photo.

I've found people tend to look for a short period of time and then continue with whatever they were doing. If they had objected I might have stopped wearing slingshots.

Marina shower (places)

If you have visited Spain you might have discovered the lack of doors on showers. This was taken a few days after the first time I word it on the beach.

Third beach (places)

This is on an near island which was one big beach. It was probably the first time two people walking passed within 5 metres while I was sunbathing wearing my slings.

First beach (places)

I've featured a lot of women wearing slingshots but have neglected one of the original purposes of this blog. Sharing my experinces of wearing slings.

This is the first day I wore a slingshot on a beach. It was near Roquetas de Mar in Spain. On the second day I cycled here along a road wearing a sling and shorts. Returning to town I almost used the showers on the beach but the road running next to it was getting a bit busy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Theresa Correa (model)

The women in the orange slingshot with a single string on the back which look like it was taken at a lake is Theresa Correa. She appeared earlier weaing a light blue sling on the beach.

Enough talk, just admire this very beautiful women wearing a small bikini taken by a great photographer.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tonya Elliott, cyan or blue sling (model)

Jennifer Joseph, black tiny sling (model)

This is an uncropped photo of Jennifer on the back of a horse which was used a few week ago.

Cheryl K (model)

She was a circuit girl and won some bikini contests in Florida at a place called Penrods.

She has a blue sling which is similar to this, only have a video clip.