Saturday, October 14, 2006

Showering on the beach wearing my sling

I mentioned wearing my slingshot at a beach shower, here is a photo including a photo of the walkway from the beach.

Photo of a sling on a beach

I've worn my slingshot on lots of beaches, this is probably the first photo showing me walking along.

The sling and the ferry (places)

The ferry was loading while I took some photos

Friday, October 06, 2006

Wearing my slings on the beach

I've been wearing my slings on the beach again, four times in the last week.

At the second one I hoped to take some photos of me under the beach shower, but they were switched off. Took some photos anyway and hope to post sometime.

I wore my bright yellow with a wide single string on the back on the third beach. The one that can be seen at least 100 metres away. It would have been quite clear to the 25 people who passed within 5 metres

The next day on the same beach I wore my smallest bright yellow slingshot which I've mentioned previously. I'm still to walk along the beach wearing my bright yellow slings so far I've confined myself to walking from my towel to the sea.