Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ahmo Hight, pearl sling (model)

A clip taken from Ironman Sexy Swimsuit Spectacular number 2

Buy it from here. The swimsuits are designed by Colleen Kelly.

US slingshot at bikini contest 3 (model)

A different model wearing a two piece sling in a US flag design worn at a bikini contest in florida.

Blue sling at bikini contest (model)

Five photos of a two string single piece slingshot worn at a bikini contest. I've never seen these elsewhere the web.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slingshot on the beach (mysling)

I mentioned two reactions to a photo shoot whilst sitting and standing in a pool of water on a beach. This was 10 seconds before. It turned out the four people on the left had been there about 40 seconds before this but I hadn't noticed them because I was enjoying the sun and my sling.

Denise Worth, gold sling near car (model)

She wore a tiger slingshot in front of a mirror a couple of years ago which was featured earlier. Here are three new photographs of this beautiful women wearing a single piece gold slingshot with black edging taken in Florida.

She wore a tiger slingshot in front of a mirror a couple of years ago which was featured earlier. Somephotographs of this beautiful women She was recently on a photoshoot in Florida.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amy Lynn (model)

A yellow single string one piece slingshot taken by the side of a pool.

The front of the suit.

Another shot taken at a different time.

Christina Linehan in three slings (model)

Five photographs of Christina.

Pink two string slingshot worn on the beach.

Purple two piece sling, I've never seen the back but it is probably two strings.

The back of her tiger one piece teardrop slingshot she wore at a bikini contest in Hawaii.

The front of her tiger one piece teardrop slingshot she wore at a bikini contest in Hawaii.

A bikini very close to being a sling.

Teresa Noreen (model)

Visit Teresa at her website.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two reactions (mysling)

I went to the Canary Islands last summer like these six people although they probably saw a slingshot swimsuit for the first time. This is the first photo I have which shows two reactions in one compact shot.
  1. stop and look (the four) [about 10 percent of people]
  2. walk by and look (the two) [about 20 percent of people]
The other 70 percent don't seem to notice as they walk past, although after passing about 10 percent of them turn their heads.

This was about two thirds through a photo shoot during which I was wearing my smallest bright yellow single string sling whilst sitting and standing in a pool.

Rose Marie (model)

I've never seen this model or this set of sling shots anywhere else on the web.

I like the fact she is natural and looks like she is enjoying the photo shoot.

Its a pity this photographer likes to twist the strings on the bottoms.

US slingshot at bikini contest 2 (model)

The same US sling swimsuit worn by the same model at a bikini contest at Coconuts on the Beach at Cocoa Beach Florida. Visit them and you will find she wore this in 2006.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

US slingshot at bikini contest (model)

A treat for you slingshot lovers out there, a two string sling at a bikini contest in 2002. She has also worn this to a bikini contest at a night club previous to this.

Lisa and her sling (natural)

Lisa on returning from a holiday in Puerto Rico said the following:
Two hotels on the beach as referance points, Numero 1 on the Beach and L'Habitation. Over six days, I wore a different CK Designs bikini, all teardrops, and two teardrop slings, all with a smile from others on the beach but no leers.

I did learn later that I was the conversation at a bar one night. The best public beach I have ever been to!

These responses (smiles and no leers) follow my experiences and those of a slingshot wearing women from Australia. We agreed that the idea we might be the conversation was on of the attractions of wearing a sling. Along with the heat of the sun on most of the skin, thin tan lines and the comfortable swimsuit.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Mercedes Khani (model)

Two photos of a tiny red Colleen Kelly slingshot swimsuit