Friday, July 06, 2007

Thick sling single string

I thought this yellow slingshot with a thick single string on the back would be my favorite because it is a big swimsuit. This photo was taken on a saturday afternoon, so I decided not to wear my tiny yellow sling or silver teardrop slingshot.

Five thousand people

I've been trying to work out how many people have seen me wearing my slings in person. I thought it might be about ten thousand by now but its probably over five thousand.

Including those on the internet who have seen the photos, it probably doubles the figure.

Also, this is the second post were I've used the "labels" feature of blogger, and have started applying them to previous posts. This will let you quickly search for posts about the same topic.

Adjusting yellow sling

You might have noticed I've been wearing my tiny yellow slingshot a lot.

This is probably the most public place I've worn a sling. It was taken on a sunday when lots of people were walking along on the other side of these railings. Two women, probably in their mid-twenties, stopped and watched for about 30 seconds.

Beach shower in a sling (mysling)

This was the first beach shower I've used whilst wearing a slingshot where people were walking past less than 3 metres away.

This slingshot is my silver teardrop with black strings.

This was the shower featured in the above photo taken while I was walking back to where I'd left my clothes.

Sammi in black slingshot (model)

A few of the photos of Samantha Harris in a black slingshot taken by Andy Mcfarland of Amaginations photography.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sharon Bruneau, pink sling (model)

Screen captures from a video of Sharon Bruneau wearing a pink two piece sling on the beach. Watch it at

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Racing sling at contest (model)

Six photos of a red single string slingshot worn at a car show's bikini contest. The front is black and white like a finishing flag. More at

Slingshot being called a 95 (story)

An adult story entitled The Hard Body's New Beginning Ch.07 features a slingshot. Chapter 1 of this authors hardbody series also features the same gold slingshot.
Norm's choice was a gold sling-style suit. She had several different
variations of this sling suit and Cori told him that the guys at the Shop
used to call them 95's.

"Why?" Norm asked.

`They figured they showed off at least 95 percent of my body," Cori

"Well, I'd say it will be more like 98," Norm said, once again impressed
by the wardrobe assembled by his fellow Cori bangers.

The suit consisted of nothing more than a gold string about the
thickness of a typical spaghetti strap. It went over the shoulders and
across the breasts, veering together at the crotch where it joined into one

Monday, July 02, 2007

Beach shower in silver sling (mysling)

I will be trying to repeat this shot at other beach showers because it shows the front and back of the sling.

This slingshot consists of a silver metallic teardrop with black elastic strings. It has been worn so much that is it starting to wear out. On one day this was almost all I wore for 8 hours. This included walking to the beach, along the beach then a walkway and then back for lunch followed by sunbathing.

Tan lines

I've noticed tan lines have started to appear where the material of my slingshots cover my skin. The top of the teardrop shape is noticable when I wear my tiny yellow sling. The yellow sling is slightly wider and less high than my teardrop slings.

My latest bright yellow teardrop with white strings slingshot is even smaller than my other teardrop slings so I expect the tan lines to reduce.

It took me a few weeks to have the courage to wear it on a very public beach because it is so small but once I did it felt great. The repeated glances from the various women who decided to sunbathe near me suggests they really enjoyed my small swimsuit and I hope they remember the day they saw a slingshot.

Keyword searches

I've fixed the links on the right for searching the blog for different keywords I try and use on the postings.

Gold and silver string slingshot (mysling)

I keep this sling for occasional use because the metal covering the strings are quite fine and will rub off if worn to much.

Teardrop sling at bikini contest (model)

A teardrop slingshot worn at a bikini contest. If anyone knows the name of this women please add it as a comment.

Tamara Guenthner (model)

A blue single string slingshot worn at pool. Visit Tamara's profile.

Beach shower in my tiny yellow sling (mysling)

This is one of the many beach showers I've used while wearing my slingshots. A few days before it was a bit busier when I walked along this beach wearing just this piece of clothing.

My profile picture is a few years old so I decided to update it with this one of my tiny yellow sling.

Summer and slingshots (mysling)

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog about slingshot swimwear and posted comments.

I know most visitors want women in slingshot bikinis but you know my addiction so you will have to put up with my slings mixed in.

Here are seven photos taken on the beach, at a marina and near a hotel which I will be posting soon.