Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tiny slingshot and the beach shower

The day before this was taken I used this same shower with two others whilst wearing this tiny black teardrop slingshot. I decided to experiment taking movies with my camera to capture the moment.

Beach with waves

I was visiting a beach popular with wind surfers and kite surfers and on occasions wore my black teardrop slingshot.

Standing on a rock in a sling

Another shot of my black teardrop slingshot taken whilst I was standing on some rocks.

Sign to the mountain top

The sign to the top of the mountain I climbed although it was more like a big hill.

Highest mountain in Spain

I climbed a small mountain wearing my sling. The mountain in the distance is the highest mountain in Spain.

On the telephone

I forgot my cellphone so had to use a public phone and I decided to do it whilst wearing only my black teardrop two string sling.

Black teardrop

A refreshing swimwear whilst wearing my black teardrop.