Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Late afternoon on the beach

This sling was worn on multiple occasions in various locations. One women walking past with three of her friends commented to me "you like your suntanning them" to which I replied "yes".

Variations on a sling

I have also been exprimenting with altering my tiny black two string sling into a single string version on the front and back. It grips the body well and makes the strings bolder from a distance.

The strings have a piece of material around them which can be moved up and down. Moving it up increases the grip but makes it more difficult to remove. I've yet to wear it on a beach.

Sling trim

A photo taken shortly arter a sling trim. I should have done this ages ago.

Step sling

There was a small set of steps down to the beach.

Sling from above

I've experimented with taking slingshot photos from different angles. This one is from above, shame about the green towel at the bottom of the strings.

Shower near dive centre

There are some public showers next door to Dive Barbados Blue so I washed of the sea water from the sling using them.

Slingshot tan lines

Can you spot the tan lines caused by the slingshots. The bright yellow single string sling is slightly larger than this black teardrop.

Lines where the strings run up are starting to appear despite moving the strings whilst out in the sun.

A finally picture that shows the tan lines caused by the top of the teardrop. Also, a V shape appears to be running up from the top of the teardrop each side of my belly button.

Sunset sling

The strings show up well with a good sunset.

Boatyard on the beach

The first of three photos taken near the Boatyard shows the view down the beach towards the life guard tower.

I wore my black teardrop two string sling on this beach on quite a few days.

The boatyard is near the blue sheet just above the black string.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Diveboat sling

If you want to go diving in Barbados the company in the background could help, see the photo below this one for more details.

The driver of the boat in the background of the following picture is often a beautiful women. The day I first saw her she had a nice brown dress on and was motoring out of Bridgetown to this beach.

The company is called Dive Barbados Blue

Sling and the catamaran

I was sun bathing on the front of a boat wearing my black teardrop sling and this catamaran started going around us in circles. Those on board had probably never seen a slingshot before.

This photo was taken a few minutes later.

Trimmed around slingshot

I decided to trim around the slingshot material. This photo of my tiny black teardrop sling was taken on a beach in Barbardos.

Sling and the skirt

Another clip from a video so the quality isn't great. Reliable black teardrop sling again.

Sling and blue sea

This was a good beach, with clear blue sea. Perfect for taking some photos of my tiny black teardrop slingshot.

Sun lounger, part 2

Hi again, after a few months here are three more pictures of a sling on a sun lounger.

Shortly after this set was taken it occured to me I could use a pair of scissors rather than a razor to have a trim.

There was a regular stream of walkers on the beach past whilst I sunbathed wearing this slingshot.
The smallest slingshot bikini I have seen is now available via tangaland. It is called
teardrop sling bikini
. Here are two samples from their website taken by the bikini pleasure website.

Another shot, different colors.

IN8 photography galleries

It been awhile since the last post as I have been away. Whilst gone IN8 photography had a new set of galleries, they contain a large number of slingshot photos. They start from this page.