Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black cotton sling

I've been wearing one of my new slingshots at a floating platform at a resort where I stayed in early August as the photo below show. On lots of times I swam to and sunbathed on the platform with ONLY my sling with me. (except the times I had my camera)

The string is adjustable so that the single string can be either at the front or back.

One memorable moments (the day after these were taken) was when a beautiful French Canadian women wearing a black bikini swam out and joined me for the afternoon. She mentioned seeing me the day before walking from the steps out of the sea to the showers wearing only this sling and carrying my shorts and camera.

The front of the sling is black cotton so it grips the body when wet. However, unlike one of my other cotton slings it doesn't turn semi-transparent.

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