Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been addicted to slingshot for about eight years and doing this blog for few years so now for some numbers.
  1. over 8000 photographs of mostly females wearing sling bikini.
  2. 15 hours of videos featuring fitness models sometimes in slingshots. (Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular is a good source)
  3. over 17000 photographs of various locations I've worn my slings.
  4. over 10000 people have seen me wearing my slingshots in public locations, mostly the beach.
  5. only 2 photos of the beautiful njslinggirl the author of wearing a yellow single string sling on the beach and blue two string slingshot on a canoe.
For point 1, most duplicates have been removed whilst for point 3 over 50% of them are rubbish and need deleting.

For point 4, I'd estimates over 3000 have been within 20 metres (65 feet) whilst at least 1000 have been within 2 metres (6.5 feet) and 200 within 1 meters.

Don't bother asking to see the two photos of point 5 because she has requested they not be featured. However, she has featured the slings on her site check out these-are-my-first-two-slings and in case the link isn't working here they are.

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