Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patch micro sling, video

If you visit my youtube channel two videos of Julie Ann Gerhard wearing her* Colleen Kelly metallic blue patch micro sling will be appearing soon.

She is wearing it in what looks like a large gym which might be in a rich person's house.

*I've seen her wearing it in lots of photos by different photographers.

Sling on picnic table

A picture of me on a picnic bench wearing my black teardrop slingshot swimsuit. It is just of a beach were this was the ONLY clothes I had for 90 minutes. At least 5 people got photos from less than 10 metres away as I walked along from one end of the beach to the other.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shelly in a white sling

If you visit my Youtube channel you'll find nine clips of Shelly in a white slingshot bikini on the beach.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brittany Mcgrew white sling

A great set of 41 photos of Brittany Mcgrew in white slingshot bikini exists online. Here are five of them.

Bernadette Matassa in sling bikinis

Six photos of Bernadette Matassa (Also know as Eden) in slingshot bikinis. The first one has tiny strings and somewhere I have a photo of her in a shower wearing this.

Slingshot adventures

I've been wearing my slingshot in lots of places since I last wrote. Two times spring to mind.

I've worn a tiny white slingshot swimsuit on a BOARD WALK twice in Malaga. The first time I had NOTHING else with me and passed a small camper van which turned out it was a small coach. A few minutes later the coach discharged some Spanish tourists.

The second was the EIGHT hours I spent on a beach wearing only a tiny silver sling swimsuit and NOTHING else. At one point I was over THREE hours away from my car and any other item of clothing.

It was the first time I'd asked complete strangers to take photos with my camera. This kind lady was the seventh who took some photos.

The photo below was taken by the eight person.

The half way point when I started walking back towards my car and larger clothes. It reality it was about a THREE hour walk back as I didn't ask anyone to take photos on the return journey.

Two slings

It been a while since I've update my blog, so here are two photos. The first is of Jennifer Corliss in a light blue polka dot micro sling bikini.