Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slingshot adventures

I've been wearing my slingshot in lots of places since I last wrote. Two times spring to mind.

I've worn a tiny white slingshot swimsuit on a BOARD WALK twice in Malaga. The first time I had NOTHING else with me and passed a small camper van which turned out it was a small coach. A few minutes later the coach discharged some Spanish tourists.

The second was the EIGHT hours I spent on a beach wearing only a tiny silver sling swimsuit and NOTHING else. At one point I was over THREE hours away from my car and any other item of clothing.

It was the first time I'd asked complete strangers to take photos with my camera. This kind lady was the seventh who took some photos.

The photo below was taken by the eight person.

The half way point when I started walking back towards my car and larger clothes. It reality it was about a THREE hour walk back as I didn't ask anyone to take photos on the return journey.

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