Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fourteen slingshot swimsuits

I've been sorting my slingshot bikinis into plastic bags like the author of another blog about slings mentioned a few years. It stops the strings getting tangled. A shame that blog has gone silent as her posts were often a highlight of the week. Some things I found.
  • I have 15 of them with mostly two strings on the front and back. The most comfortable string is 3mm thick.
  • Eleven have matching wraps. The smallest is bright yellow and only 5 inches high. It makes one of my original wraps seem massive (14.5 inches). The purple wrap is next at 5.5 inches high.
  • The smallest patch is 6.5 inches high although the 7.5 inch high patches fit better. I wonder how this compares to the CK patch micro slings and others?
  • Colors include: yellow, white, lots of black, blue, orange, red, bright yellow, silver, purple. blue
I will be making another four sets of swimsuits and wraps from another set of cloth. One is bright shiny pink, another is shiny black and two have stripes.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sling bikini video channel

The patch micro sling bikini was too small for Youtube viewers so my old channel is no longer available. I started this one a few months ago but don't think I've made a link from this blog.

Five slings

Christine in white sling

Eight hour with ONLY a sling bikini

Here are three photos taken during the longest time I've worn only my slingshot bikini. I had NOTHING else with me except a camera and a spare sling. These photos were taken when my swim shorts and shirt were over TWO hours away.

I mentioned asking complete strangers to take my photo, more than half said yes. Here is one of those photos.

The previous photo was taken by the women in the pink top.

Sitting on a bench on the beach near a boat ramp.