Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fourteen slingshot swimsuits

I've been sorting my slingshot bikinis into plastic bags like the author of another blog about slings mentioned a few years. It stops the strings getting tangled. A shame that blog has gone silent as her posts were often a highlight of the week. Some things I found.
  • I have 15 of them with mostly two strings on the front and back. The most comfortable string is 3mm thick.
  • Eleven have matching wraps. The smallest is bright yellow and only 5 inches high. It makes one of my original wraps seem massive (14.5 inches). The purple wrap is next at 5.5 inches high.
  • The smallest patch is 6.5 inches high although the 7.5 inch high patches fit better. I wonder how this compares to the CK patch micro slings and others?
  • Colors include: yellow, white, lots of black, blue, orange, red, bright yellow, silver, purple. blue
I will be making another four sets of swimsuits and wraps from another set of cloth. One is bright shiny pink, another is shiny black and two have stripes.


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Reg, CK micropatch sling,
    Just happened to have worn it last week in Puerto Rico, first time in quite a while. The bottom is 1" across the top, 2.5" at widest, and 6.5" long. The top is 1.5 by 2.5. A quiet public beach I've been to before, I'm sure a handfull of people saw me, but we didn't make real eye contct so I don't have a sense of any reaction, which suits me fine.

  2. Thank you Lisa for giving these details about the patch micro sling. I've wondered for a few years how large the patches were.

    Your blog has some photos of your teardrops, one looked smaller than patch sling?

    Just wondering if you have any new bikinis or slings. I tried signing up to your blog but think it said it was for members only.

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    The teardrops I wear are similar, though some are smaller. Got a bunch of new slings, two piece, cici, and reg plus reg bottoms and tops from bikini-beach last year, all in blue. They went to Fort Lauderdale Fla with me. Love that beach! As I have written before, love wearing a rio bikini bottom over a sling bottom.
    The blog has no members.
    Happy to comment on yours when I see something that I own.
    Happy Beach, Lisa