Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yellow sling and 5 inch wrap

I mentioned wearing a yellow five inch wrap from my house to the beach. Here are five photos which recreate that event.

The grey shirt is just the right length so it appears as if I'm wearing swimming shorts from a distance. You can see the slingshot when close but at a quick glance it appears to be speedo like.

Once at the beach I removed my top whilst standing up. The wrap is tied so the slingshot bikini stops it from riding down my butt as I walk. You'll notice the wrap is less high than the swimsuit.

A few days before I'd walked along the beach with about 20 people wearing this exact arrangement. I discovered the yellow wrap if very visible from a distance because four people started watching me walking toward the beach exit from at least 100 meters away.

My post about showering in public and walking past the surf club was done while wearing only this bikini and carrying NOTHING else.

The strings of this sling bikini are 3mm which cause it to really grip my body compared to thinner strings.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lisa's yellow sling

The other photo of Lisa is probably the best slingshot bikini photo in the world. (unless she has one of her patch micro sling). Again, the picture won't be posted so here is the textual description.

It looks like the picture has been taken from a walkway or raised platform because it is looking down on three items on a sandy beach. A pair of black beach shoes with pink bits that go between the toes. A dark blue bag or it might be a sarong. Finally a white towel.

On the white towel is Lisa facing away from the camera lying on her right side. Her right hand is curved at the elbow and supports her head which has a blue head scarf around it. While her left hand is either just adjusting the front of the slingshot or resting near her belly button. The right leg is mostly straight while her left is bent at the knee. That knee is resting on the beach.

You can just make out her left cheek, nose and eye and that she has a nice tan. Also, she appears to take plenty of exercise because she has a fit looking body.

Her slingshot bikini is BRIGHT yellow and in one piece. A single string begins between her butt cheeks and runs up her back to about a quarter to a fifth from the top. It splits into two and goes either side of the shoulder. You can see part of the left side of the the front of the sling swimsuit. It widens to cover a decent portion of her breast.

Thank you Lisa for posting these pictures a few year ago.

Lisa's blue sling

I mentioned the photos of Lisa, who sometimes stops by, are the best slingshot photos I have ever seen. I will not be posting so you will have to make do with a textual description. This post describes the second best photo taken on 22nd April 1998.

It features a bright yellow canoe surround by clear blue water with the green color of a reef underneath. Lisa is lying back with her left leg crossed at the knee over her right leg. She has just had a swim or has a fresh covering of suntan lotion on her legs.

The bikini is light blue and in two parts. The top is lying in the bottom of the canoe. The bottom is clearly a slingshot bikini because of the way the strings run up either side of her breasts to her neck. Her back is arched a lot so her you can just make out her chin and nostrils and that she is topless. It is low quality but you can see she has beautiful breasts and nipples.

I think it comes from the Roma collection available from

Whoever took is on one heck of lucky dude. I doubt it, but maybe she was on holiday with the girlfriend who saw her bikini draw and ended up wearing one to a hotel pool.

Real sling on a beach

There are very few genuine pictures of people on beaches wearing slingshot bikinis. These five are some of the best. However, they are nothing compared to those of Lisa who stops by and comments on this blog sometimes.

Five cartoon slingshots

Five pictures of tiny sling bikinis drawn by a very talented artist.

Shelly and Julie slings

I've just uploaded over 10 clips of Shelly in a white slingshot bikini on the beach. Also, checkout the clips of Julie (not Julie Ann Gerhard) in a red and then black sling with a friend in a bright yellow bikini.

Sling and 5 inch wrap

I want to tell you about a walk from my house to the beach. I was wearing my yellow slingshot bikini and a FIVE inch high wrap. My path took me along a number of streets, crossing a main road before passing a shop and getting to the beach.

Once at the beach I removed by shirt and wrap to sunbathe for five minutes before deciding to use the shower on a grass walkway. An hour later I had another shower. This is what I did in the next 30 minutes whilst wearing only my slingshot and carrying NOTHING. I walked:
  1. the grass walk way which ran alongside a car park
  2. past the surf club
  3. through a local park
  4. along a residential street
  5. down a beach access route
  6. pass two building sites, with power tools making noises
  7. along the beach
  8. up a beach exit point
  9. along another car park to use the shower attached to the toilet block
  10. back along the beach to the stuff I'd left behind
I found the five inch high wrap needed the right shirt. A short shirt would show how low slung I had to wear it. To long a shirt would hide the bright yellow material and make it appear as if I wasn't wearing anything on my butt.

Five slings from slickyou

Five slingshot bikinis which were available from an old shop which wasn't online long. Now has a different name.

Four body body slings

Here are four photos of slingshot bikinis available to buy from Body Body online.

Four body body slings

Here are four photos of slingshot bikinis available to buy from Body Body online.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Surf club slingshot

I was at the beach wearing my sling and decided to take some photos at a surf and lifesaving club. The reflection in the window has distorted the photo but you can spot the two back strings running from my shoulder blades to butt.

This is the white wrap I've worn on other occasions from my house to the beach. It is 7.5 inches high at the front and when worn like this about 6 inches on the back. When walking on the streets I normally wear it with a shirt which half covers it.

The front are also double strings.