Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lisa's yellow sling

The other photo of Lisa is probably the best slingshot bikini photo in the world. (unless she has one of her patch micro sling). Again, the picture won't be posted so here is the textual description.

It looks like the picture has been taken from a walkway or raised platform because it is looking down on three items on a sandy beach. A pair of black beach shoes with pink bits that go between the toes. A dark blue bag or it might be a sarong. Finally a white towel.

On the white towel is Lisa facing away from the camera lying on her right side. Her right hand is curved at the elbow and supports her head which has a blue head scarf around it. While her left hand is either just adjusting the front of the slingshot or resting near her belly button. The right leg is mostly straight while her left is bent at the knee. That knee is resting on the beach.

You can just make out her left cheek, nose and eye and that she has a nice tan. Also, she appears to take plenty of exercise because she has a fit looking body.

Her slingshot bikini is BRIGHT yellow and in one piece. A single string begins between her butt cheeks and runs up her back to about a quarter to a fifth from the top. It splits into two and goes either side of the shoulder. You can see part of the left side of the the front of the sling swimsuit. It widens to cover a decent portion of her breast.

Thank you Lisa for posting these pictures a few year ago.

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