Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lucy and friend in slings

Lucy* from England was visiting her friend in Florida. They wore slingshot bikinis on the beach. I'm fairly sure they were wearing them because the like them rather than as part of a photo shoot. I hope they are still slinging.

*The name of one photo is 'lucy has me by the thong' showing the slingshot being used as a catapult so Lucy might be the name of the person living in Florida.

Two "natual" photos

More good sling photos

Here are some more photos from my "very good" folder. Enjoy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Car slingshot

I nearly left my car wearing ONLY my sling however chickened out at the last moment. So I had my white wrap and a small yellow towel with me.

The women in black in photos 3-5 stopped at the nearby beach entrance and watched for twenty minutes.

Nicki's sky high sling

Nicki is wearing a red bikini with tiny patches. It is very close to being a slingshot bikini.

The title of this post is taken from a story. Imagine the scene at the airport when this is ALL she is wearing while flying to her room mates parents in California. A few months earlier she'd worn it to university.

Beach shower sling

I wonder if Emma has ever worn a slingshot using a beach shower? I hope so.

This shower was in a car park and the town it was in featured in a post a few days ago. I've worn this white wrap (6.5 inch) with a shirt whilst walking from my house to the beach. The daring walk was past the corner shop selling ice creams.

The yellow sling is my current favorite and have worn it on the beach A LOT.

Best bikini contest sling

Another two photos from my best selection. This time taken at a bikini contest. The suit looks slightly wet or is made from very thin material.

If anyone know who the women on the right is can they let me know.

Sam Harris on the left is in a tiny bikini, but it is not a slingshot. Her miller light patch slingshot is good if you've seen it online.

Very good slings

I have a folder in my collection of slingshot photos called "very good", here are some from that folder. I think this is the first time I've posted topless sling photos and can remove them if anyone is offended.

Najome Colon, best shot

She can't compete with Emma's photo on the beach but this is the best of Najome.

You can see the blue stings of the sling through the white material. I wonder if Emma or Lisa have ever worn such sparkling and slightly transparent material to hide their slings while on the beach?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video channel

I have opened a new video channel so I can post some slingshot videos. Here is the new address. I'll try and post the Lauren clips again.

Sorry, the video of Julie in her patch micro bikini in the gym will not appear. The bikini is to small to appear on youtube. Also, those with Alison in the water will not appear. This way, hopefully the channel won't be closed this time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Najome Colon

There has been rather a lot of text recently on this blog, time for some photos. She has a page on modelmayhem.