Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emma (best sling photo ever)


Stand by for the lift to heaven, if you believe in a god.

It features the BEST EVER slingshot bikini photograph I have seen since I first saw one over 10 years ago.

I received it as an attachment from a visitor to this blog. She and her boyfriend hope more women will get the courage to wear sling bikini.

It surpasses any other photo for at least FIVE reasons.

Firstly, Emma is a very beautiful women.

She is a brunette, the hair color I like most.

Third, the photo was taken on a beach on the island of Cos.

The swimsuit she is wearing is a sling bikini. (It looks like it might be from Wicked Temptations or suits you swimwear?)

It was what this blog calls "natural", A women wearing a sling because she like to wear it.



  1. Hello, excuse my english but i'm spanish and in Spain nobody speak a good english.

    A question

    Your youtube channel was deteled and i'm a absolute fan.

    It's possible re-upload your material? I love Cancun Bikini Bash videos

    Thanks a lot

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I may have to top that... Thinking about it.. Btw..the patch sling, don't have a pic I would ever publish .thank you for respect. Sling on!!! Lisa aka njslinggirl

  3. I know you in your patch micro sling would top it. But as you say no pic you'd ever publish.

    Not that its a competition, but your "foggy beach" bikini would also top it.

    So apologies and I'm afraid this one stands for now.

    How many years had you been wearing slings before your wore the patch micro sling on the beach?

    Long may you, Emma and everyone else keep "sling on!!!"

  4. Hola Imaginauta

    Your english is better than my Spanish.

    Thanks for being a fan.

    My video channel(s) have never featured anyone nude but yet they still delete the channel with little or no warning.

    It has just featured very small swimsuit which keeps everything just covered.

    Guess I should use someone less fuzzy than you tube.


  5. Thanks for the answer.

    Please continues with your work.

    It's spectacular.

    Well, the girls are spectacular. : P

    For the love of God, at least upload the videos of Lauren, a nurse from Panama City.

    This girl is a obsesion for me.