Sunday, November 13, 2011

Larger versions and PDFs

I know most visitors are men looking for pictures of women wearing micro slingshot bikinis. Thank you for putting up with pictures of myself wearing various slingshots. This post isn't intended for you.

The pictures of me I've posted earlier today are available in larger sizes. Please email if you'd like me to send them to you. They are greater than 1MB.

I have also created a number of PDFs which I will consider sending to anyone who asks. This is the second page from "Take my photo?" where all pictures were taken by people I met while walking along the beach for 8 hours.

The second photo is from a PDF I would consider sending to any man or women who sends me a photo of themselves wearing a slingshot swimsuit. Or like Lisa, photos obviously taken at her house. Love, those when she puts them along side dollar notes.

It was created to say thank you for Emma's wonderful photos and is dedicated to her and Lisa. The low quality copy has two small out of focus pictures of Lisa in two of her slings.  The large versions were my favorite sling photos until Emma sent hers.

Jennifer Elrod, slings

A mega post of of 22 pictures of Jennifer Elrod in two slingshot bikinis. One is pink and the other is green. They are both nearly transparent over the breasts.

The fronts are made out of way to much material for Lisa and Emma to consider wearing. Hopefully, Lisa can send a picture of her patch micro sling against a US dollar note and/or a tape measure so you can see how tiny her smallest sling shot is compared to these.

Jessica Canizales

A bumper posting of over 20 pictures featuring Jessica Canizales mostly in slingshot bikinis.

Thanks to Eugene for getting in touch. This post is for him. You probably have them but towards the end of this posting you'll find three (not slings) from Shooters bikini contest and some (none slings) from a silvercash bikini contest.

Look out for more if he send me some new ones.

Bright yellow sling and wrap

This bright yellow slingshot bikini has been my sling of for choice for the last year. It also has a 5 inch high beach wrap made of the same material.

It is very comfortable and has lots of string layout options. Wearing it with single strings on the front and back really grips the body. It makes you very aware this is micro swimsuit. Two strings front and back mean you can move strings to reduce tan lines.

I have worn it once on main street with EVERYTHING else left at home. Most often I've walked from my home, along the streets to the beach while wearing the sling, its wrap and a shirt that comes halfway down the wrap. I have walked along the beach wearing this only this swimsuit. But usually I sunbath in it.

White, double sling

This white slingshot swimsuit is made in exactly the same way as the thin yellow and thin white sling. It solves the problem of the white material going mostly transparent when wet.

The double thickness material still goes slightly transparent but you have to get within a few meters. Its like some of the sexy Wicked Tempatations dresses where you can see skin color through the material but not like a wet t-shirt.

White, thin white sling

This white slingshot bikini is made from slight transparent material. It goes almost fully transparent when it gets wet.

I have worn it whilst walking along a broadwalk with NOTHING else with me. I almost had a shower wearing it while people watched, until I remembered the problem with water.

Yellow, thin patch sling

The patch of this yellow slingshot is made of a thin, slightly transparent material which gets more a tiny bit more transparent when it gets wet.

I wore it to use a shower on the beach, where a local volleyball club was practicing 50-100 meters away.

Silver sling

This silver slingshot swimsuit with white strings feature in my longest ever adventure.

It is the ONLY piece of clothing I wore for eight hours. At one point my nearest other clothing was over THREE hours away.

I haven't worn it much since then because I preferred a black sling of a similiar design.

Red, smallest sling

This is my smallest slingshot swimsuit. The red patch is made out of cotton and is ONLY six inches high. The strings are very thin and very stretchy.

Which is a problem so I haven't worn it much. This sling showed me my patches need to be about seven inches high to fit everything inside in comfort. Also, very thin strings are too stretchy.