Saturday, January 28, 2012


Riko from Japan is another women who likes wearing slingshot bikinis. I believe she got married and stopped posting pictures. Then a few years later she started posting pictures again. The pictures below are from both times.

If only Emma had a slingshot as small as the red one.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    WOW!!!! What a set of slingshots!! I had my GF make one of the slingshot thongs pictured(the third one from the top). It makes for a fun and exciting photo shoot. Even more hilarious when you go and buy the material at the fabric with only a pair of rings and elastic string; then the woman at the counter asks nonchalantly, " So what are you making?"

  2. Nice comment.

    I usually buy material in half meter lengths. This is enough to make two slingshots and a beach wrap.