Friday, March 23, 2012

Slingshot stories

Thanks to the person who left the comment about getting my stories.

I will send anyone a PDF of them although you need to work for it :-)

The challenge is to send me a slingshot swimsuit photo I have never seen. You will get a number of stories depending on how I rate your photos.

Guide to rating

The following is a rough guide. Any of the first 3, you should get the stories without much problem. Those at 4 are likely to get the stories. For 5, it will have to be good. Teaseums slings are way too big.
  1. Photos by/off women wearing their slings because they like tiny bikinis. (Like Emma's)
  2. Patch micro slings (with someone wearing it or not) [like Lisa's]
  3. Public slingshots worn at the beach, pool, boat, truck, street, party, etc [like the women in yellow on a truck, see the "natural" category on this site.]
  4. Sling bikini worn at bikini contest, or modeling with lots of people about.
  5. Modeling photo-shoots.


  • Bikinis like the tiny ones Vanessa Adriazola wears to bikini contests also count.
  • For items 1 and 3/4 a teardrop bikini like those Kimmy wears often also count
  • For 4/5 the sling has to keep the person covered. Topless it okay but the patch between the legs has to be more than just string. Both Lisa and Emma have said to wear them on public beaches they have to keep you JUST decent.

How to send

I will not be able to reply until Late May so you have plenty for time. Send them to this location.
   [] at gmail dot com

Post comments to here if you have any problems find the email address.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Have I contributed enough to qualify?