Friday, September 13, 2013

Lisa and Emma

Hi Lisa and Emma
If you are still visiting this blog it would be great to hear from you.

I would be interested to know if your sling bikini collections have grown since we last contacted each other.

Also, have you slingshot bikinis got this small?

Three by one inch sling

It has been awhile since there has been a good story featuring micro sling bikinis. This one by Erica features a slingshot swimsuit were one of the patches is 3 inches by 1 inch.

She replaced the string with a transparent silicon string and ended up walking around wearing only this for hours.

Thanks Erica for the great story and I hope to read more stories featuring your slings.

I have been in school swimming team and represented school team at various levels. When I was doing tenth grade I was participating district level .During that time I made friends with another girl from Goa and she introduced me to smallest and skimpiest bikinis . With her help I received some very revealing like almost naked bikinis. In that my most favourite was sling shot string bikinis.


I packed my usual stuff and carefully hidden my tiniest bikinis . The sling shot string bikini is just three tiniest pieces of material connected by the strings which are to be adjusted to cover nipples and pussy. Though it barely manage to cover nipples and it actually the third piece is the smallest measuring just three inch long and inch wide . Any un controlled movement cases shifting the tiny pieces and exposing the covered body parts .

To one of the bikini I did little modification by changing the string with completely transparent silicon string ;that way the string part became completely invisible and only material pieces would be visible , wearing that would be like going complete naked .Though I was determined to try my all these bikinis.


First day ,on Thursday Morning I walked along the roads which I thought I would follow wearing just boys short and tube top . I saw some girls wearing some micro bikinis ;though they wear either at the beach or very close to the beach; there were just few girls walking along the streets wearing two piece or one piece bikinis which appeared just a normal.
Just before 12;00 I reached back my room and changed in to my most daring bikini , which was the sling shot string bikini with completely transparent silicon strings . In my room I put on this bikini ,adjusted the small pieces of material on my nipples and pussy , they appeared much smaller than I thought , adjusted and tightened the strings and stood against the mirror to check how I appeared Well it looked as if I was completely naked, thee was no lining under the material ,so it was almost sheer. Also the pieces were so small that nothing was left to imagination.

I picked on plastic bag which going to be my beach bag containing just some sun screen lotion and sheer piece of cloth to act as sarong. I looked outside and noticed that sun was at full blaze and it was hot sunny noon time. I wrapped the sheer cloth around me taking care that any one staring at me would easily see that I am not wearing anything under it. the material pieces being very small were not easily visible and silicon string were completely invisible . Sported with sexy sun glasses and wearing just beach slippers I approached the reception desk . There was this cute young boy working at the desk. While approaching I made unusually extra noise of the beach sleepers and caught his attention . I asked him which is the easiest way to beach and just other un necessary questions. All the time his eyes were fixed on my body , I am sure that he was all time thinking about my naked body. I felt excited and thrilled about what I was doing . and what I was going to do the next. After leaving the motel I halted at one of secluded spots and removed my sheer wrap and put it in the beach bag.

Now I was complete naked except the sling shot string bikini . I walked through he cool breeze of the forest and felt very aroused , my nipples were standing erect and trying to fall out . I passed through the school field and entered the public place , I continued walking without any hesitation looking through the shop windows. Even at the non busy noon hours the place was quite crowded with some school boys and girls going back home after the school. They all were stopping to stare at my completely exposed body. the girls were giggling and speaking to each other about my nakedness.

After about fifteen minutes walk I came across traffic intersection when I was standing to cross the road where I realised that the bottom piece of my bikini got completely buried in my pussy slit and there was noting covering my pussy . i though of adjusting my bikini ,but it was not correct place to that in full view of many people . Suddenly I realised that I was excited and feeling more sexy to see that people were staring at my pussy .I adopted the posture to thrust my pussy forward for many people to see and continued standing there for more than fifteen minutes.

After a long walk of fifty minutes or more through the crowded public place I reached the beach. I was actually in no rush to get in the water . I just continued walking along the beach through the crowds of beach visitors giving them full view of my naked body. I guess I was feeling more and more excited to be in public wearing just almost nothing type bikini.

I visited one of beach shop to buy cold water bottle and icecream It was great fun to stand in line for more than twenty minutes wearing just nothing. I continued like that more that evening and loved the looks from people and their complements. I am not sure if similar thing happens to all the girls but I know for sure that many girls like me love doing what I did that evening. I would request responses from any one and every one who so ever reads this short narration of the wonderful event .