Sunday, January 15, 2006

Marisa Matthews

Marisa featured on an earlier entry where she wore this bikini for a contest. This swimsuit is close enough to a slingshot to appear on this blog. She her Marisa's onemodelplace.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Angel Boris, video (model)

A preview of Angel wearing a black two string slingshot is available from latin sensations. She has worn other slings in bikini contests in Florida.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Alicia Kowalski, orange sling (model)

She appeared earlier in a white lace sling with a single string on the back. Subscribe to the magazine or get a large version from American Curves.

Kyla (model)

Kyla is wearing a purple slingshot from Teaseum.
Someone wearing this sling on a beach with 100s of people has been keeping me away from updating this blog.

Black two string (model)

She has a lovely smile but I cannot remember the name of this model but she does have a website. If only she wasn't wearing high heels.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Three slings in a contest (model)

This photo is from the Bootleggers Bikini Contest in Florida but not sure when. There were 5 contestants the 3 wearings slings were the finalists. I hope the women on the left won.

The back of the sling in the middle was a single string whilst the back of the purple one was two strips of material which were similar to the front.

White single string back (model)

This is definitely a model but I cannot remember who.

Jennifer Copeland (model)

I've never seen Jen wear a full blown sling where the string go down the back rather than round the sides. Until then this photo from the FlirtCatalog catalogue will have to do.
Another swimsuit very like a sling, get it from Stare.

Light yellow slingshot (mysling)

I mentioned about wearing just my light yellow slingshot while walking along the beach.

Hope these three photos taken in a different part of Sardina give you an idea of how large the swimsuit is. First a photo from the side:The two black strings are actually elastic rather than material or strings. This makes it easier to put it on and makes it grip the body so it doesn't keep slipping. The yellow cotton, shown on the photo of the front below, was taken from the tshirt used to create the cotton wrap I've mentioned previously. A flaw with this design was the tendency for the strings to twist on either the front or the back. The photo of the back shows such a twist. A mistake while sewing the elastic was the reason.Finally, this slingshot has changed. The two strings on the back have been put together so they now appear to be a single string. Since this change I've only worn it to work and eating out, hopefully 2006 will see me wear it on a beach.

Santa Teresa di Gallura (places)

I wore my pale yellow slingshot with black strings on these two beaches which are on the northern coast of Sardina. This posting is about the left hand beach where the Grand Hotel Colonna Capo Testa overlooks one end of the beach.

I rowed ashore on the right hand beach at about 0800 and walked barefoot across the road to the beach. This white tent below is near the main entrance to the beach and someone was preparing the sand for the seats and green umbrellas. I passed a rope that indicated where the public could use the beach.

Between the beach and the road were some large green plants with paths leading towards the road. I changed into my slingshot and cotton wrap in one of these gaps. Once changed I went for a quick swim before deciding to walk towards the hotel. Once I got there the sand turned to rocks so I had to turn around. It was at this point I decided it was time to wear just the slingshot so took of the wrap.

I got back close to the rope after passing a couple of people who were walking the other way. I put out my towel and let my heart beat reduce. Should I leave everything and walk the beach wearing only my sling and carrying nothing else? If someone nicked my stuff I would have nothing else to wear.

I went for a quick swim and on leaving the water started walking towards the hotel without picking up my stuff. The sun was warm against my skin and the rush of walking in only my sling caused me to have a dip infront of the hotel. I walked most of the way back to my things before deciding I would attempt to walk on the rocks outside the hotel. I gave up eventually are returned to my things near the rope.

It was about 0900 when I decided it was time for me to row back. Should I wear my slingshot? Yes, I decided I would wear my wrap so people could see the strings of the sling and try and work out how they went.

I just done this when two families arrived (a family of 3 and 5 ). They looked over my direction and then setup for the day. I sat up considering if I should stop wearing my sling? No, I stood and walked passed them.

I was about half way to the exit when another family of four made me change my mind. A quick dip and I was no longer wearing my sling. This lasted about 5 minutes when I got to the right hand beach and decided to put it on again. But that's a different beach so the account of cars and coaches using the road will have to wait until then.

Eden Shaw (model)

Eden and her sister Madison are drawn by Craig Wentworth. You can see more and donate to the artist via the Looks Can kill website. Somewhere he has a tutorial about how he creates his images.
He made light reflect of the jewels:
A green one:

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jennifer Callaway (model)

Fiu Fiu (buy)

FiuFiu have been coming up with some new design which from certain angles look like slings. If you look at the way the strings run there is a chance all three designs could be converted into full slingshots.

Also, I think certain strings on each design are slightly too thick (tan lines), if only those used on the back of design 2 had been used on the front and back of design 1, the front of design 2 and the back of design 3.

Here is the back:This is a second design. The large piece of material on the front reminds of one of my early slingshots (a blue one) which caused a tan line which extended over my belly button. On this design the tan line would stop just below her breasts.Finally, a third: