Thursday, December 08, 2005

Debbie wearing a sling (story)

Thanks to Lisa for finding this long lost story, I read it a few years ago but couldn't find it again. The following is a very long extract, the full story is longer. If the author or Lisa objects to such a large quote let me know.

This is my second favorite story. It was while searching for this story (I remembered it contained the word "shoulder") that I found my favorite story. It about a slingshot intended for her room-mates step-mother which she ends up wearing on the roof of the building, on the beach and a bus.

The rest of this post is the extract, its from the viewpoint of her husband when he wonders where she disappears to:

I was quite surprised to see her standing their in a very skimpy one piece bathing tsuit. I recalled seeing it in a store that we had visited the day before when we were shopping. It was made for a girl with a much smaller figure. The bathing suit consisted of material that split into 2 thin strips of material that ran from her crotch over her nipples, over her shoulders and joined back down to a thin strip above her behind. I was shocked to say the least. Debbie had never indicated that she had ever wanted to wear anything like that, and especially in the open where someone might see her. I was both shocked and yet a little excited. Debbie has always been too reserved to be wearing something like this. The strip of material barely covered her nipples with her breasts bulging from both sides of the material.

I continued to watch as she stepped down into the water. As she reached the bottom of the steps she walked out into the pool until she was waist deep in the water. She then leaned back and swam backwards towards the other end of the pool, with her breasts clearly visible above the surface of the water as she swam. After she reached the end of the pool she turned around and swam back towards the other end. Half way across she diverted her direction to the air mattress. As she reached the air mattress, she grabbed it and then pulled it over to the shallow end of the pool. Debbie stood up out of the water for about a minute looking around before she jumped up onto the air mattress, lying down onto her stomach. She floated around for a few minutes on the raft, with the only thing covering her was the thin strip of material from the crack of her bare behind and up over her shoulders. She floated around for a few minutes, before she decided to flip over onto her back. As she flipped over onto her back the strip of material barely covering her right nipple slipped completely to one side of her breast, which as soon as she got situated onto the raft she grabbed the material and moved back over her nipple. Debbie´s breasts are large and pendulous in shape, so while she lies on her back, her breast tend to lean to each side of her body. She continued to float around the pool for a almost 10 minutes. I watched as the weight of each of her breasts leaning to each side would force the thin strips of material to suddenly spring towards the center of her body exposing both of her nipples to the air. She would quickly grab the material and replace it back over her nipples. This happened 3 times before she finally rolled off the raft and back into the water.

After she splashed into the water she had to fix her top again before she swam towards the deep end of the pool and back. I wanted to go down and surprise her and get into the pool with her, but for some reason I was enjoying watching her from the balcony even more. Debbie continued to swim for a little bit longer until she finally stopped in the middle. The water was waist deep. She ducked down into the water and jumped up causing a splash of water. She ducked down again, this time as she jumped up the force of the water caused the material to slightly slip, exposing her nipples. This time though, she didn´t readjust the material, she left her nipples exposed. She leaned back and swam back towards the deep end of the pool, as the material slipped even more towards the center of her chest completely exposing her breasts. I can´t explain why, but I felt excited about all this. She continued to swim on her back to the shallow end of the pool with her breasts completely bare. As she reached the shallow end of the pool, she stopped and ducked down again into the water. She looked around, to make sure no one was around, before standing up again to climb up the steps. Her breasts were still completely bare as she climbed up onto the deck. As she reached the top of the deck and started walking. She didn´t stop at her robe as I had expected. She continued around the pool, her breasts bouncing and swaying each step she took, until she got to the diving board at the deep end. She climbed up onto the diving board and walked out towards the end. I´m not sure why, but she then fixed the material back over each of her nipples before she bounced a few times before jumping into the pool. It didn´t take many bounces before her breasts had bounced out from behind the material again. The splash into the pool was fairly loud, and I was concerned that it might wake someone up. If it wasn´t for the sound of the ocean and the sound of all the room air conditioners, I´m sure everyone would have heard it. It wasn´t long before she came to the surface of the water. She swam over to the closest ladder and held on for a few seconds, before climbing back up onto the deck, with her breasts still completely exposed. She walked around the pool over to the shallow end, where she sat down for a few minutes. I noticed that she lightly brushed her hands over her nipples a couple times before she stepped back into the water. From the expression on her face, I sensed that she was feeling turned on as she got back into the water. She had been in the water for almost an hour, and the sun was due up in less than an hour. She continued to swim around for a few minutes until she stopped in the middle near the raft. She looked around for almost 2 minutes. I wondered what she was up to until I saw her reach for the strips of material over her shoulders near her neck and move them to the edge of each shoulder above her arms. She then proceeded to swim backwards towards the deep end of the pool.

It didn´t take long before each of the straps slipped off each shoulder. Oh my gosh, I realized that as the material slipped off each shoulder there was nothing keeping the suit on and it would slip completely off her and into the pool, and the deep end at that. As Debbie reached the wall of the deep end, I knew then that she was completely naked, not that the suit covered up much, but now she didn´t even have that, as she hung onto the side of the pool wall.

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