Friday, December 30, 2005

Dawn Butterfield (model)

This is part of a two piece slingshot. The top is relatively large but her smile is more natural on this photo. At this pool she also worn a green one piece sling. Visit Dawn's website.

Citudella 2 (place)

Citudella was the first fairly public place I wore my sling where people could pass often. The rocks on the bottom of this photo are part of the path down the side mentioned in previous posting. The house shown is on the other side of the road.

This photo in particular and experiences in this place here made me want to wear slings when possible.

Orange two string sling (natural)

The quality of this photo suggests this is someone wearing a sling because she likes it rather than as a photoshoot. It came from a public website and I wish I could remember where.

Whoever you are keep wearing your slingshot.

black two string sling (model)

A photo taken at a bikini contest, probably in the late 1990s.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Carrie’s Fictional Beach Vacation Adventure (story)

Carrie has lots of good stories about bikinis and other dares she has done. This is the first one where she talks about a sling, it in part one of the story.

Amy dug around in the bag and produced Steph’s new suit, and then another one. The first one was a standard bikini. It was about the same size as some of my biggest ones. It did expose quite a bit of cheek and much more of her breasts than her old one. The second one in terms of fabric had a little more than the suits I bought for the rest of us, but not a lot. It was a one piece, just not much of one. The bottom was a string that V’ed up into a small triangle. The strings continued upward spreading slightly at the nipple then went back to string over her shoulders and down back disappearing into the crack of her ass. .....

“All right then,” Lisa said. “You should not wear clothes in the room, like Carrie and Amy.” “I’m not ready for all that just yet.” Steph replied. “But, I’ll wear this suit around here.” Lisa shrugged her shoulders ok. “Well,” I told her. “You should defiantly get a Brazilian wax.” “What’s that?” Steph asked. “It’s like a bikini wax, but they wax everything.” Amy told her. “Here,” I said, “go down to the spa. It’s free and they are very nice.” “You think she’s up for all that?” Lisa asked. “Well, one way to find out.” Steph answered, and bravely went out the door of the room, still in the miniscule suit.

Steph fidgeted the whole way down the elevator and all but turned green when the doors opened. Amy whispered “confidence” to her and she stepped out into the open lobby. Not that anyone would have even noticed her. The two girls at the desk didn’t even look up, and nobody else seemed to be around. “Damn, it’s cold down here.” Steph said as she hurriedly made her way to the spa entrance. It seemed fine to me, but I thought this is the first time the air conditioning danced across her mostly naked body. Honestly, I delighted in watching her dealing with the issues, and all the little voices talking inside her at once. It reminded me of the last trip, and all the thoughts and emotions I went through the first times I showed some skin. I felt like Lisa must have felt all those times, always prompting the situation to push further. Now, I could walk butt naked though Times Square and not care, as long as I was safe. Lisa must have sensed this about me as well. She hadn’t even mentioned or even teased about me not wearing anything all afternoon. She was getting more comfortable showing skin, and as us being nude wore off onto Steph; I could tell it was wearing off on Lisa too. This time it was Lisa that seemed out of place. She was the only one fully clothed.

Read the full story from Carrie webpages, if you can read the links. If you cannot disable the background on her pages here is a direct link to the story quoted above.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jennifer Joseph (model)

Jennifer wears a blue single string slingshot, there is also a purple one but cannot remember the design. The bottom of this black one is slightly large considering the rest of the sling. See the rest by buying them from fitness-beauties.

Stephisparadise (model)

Visit were you should find this model wearing a black slingshot on a boat and a blue sling by the pool. Unlike this red they both have two strings on the back.

Purple two string (natural)

This purple sling looks like it is from Roma. Unlike the competition entry (Amy) earlier a top is being worn.

If anyone knows who she is please let me know.

I suspect she might be a model but this is the only photo I have and I cannot remember were I found it. However, looking at the full size photo there is something about it which makes me think it wasn't part of a photoshoot.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tylene Buck (model)

Tylene has modelled of Colleen Kelly in the past. This is a recent shoot she did for Bikini Riot. Visit Tylene's page for more information.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pictures from the back and side, why?

A comment asked why the photos of me are either from the back or the side while most of the women are from the front.

The main reason is one of the reasons I like slingshots is the gap between the curve of the back and the strings.

Lying on my front and resting on my arms the gap is enough so that if the wind is strong enough it vibrates. The strings gently tapping the skin reminds me how small the swimsuit is and enable to me to remember the feeling when I'm not wearing it. The noise the vibrating strings sometimes make also enhances memory.

Secondly, almost every women I've seen wearing slingshots have been so beautiful it would do them an injustice not to show how confident they are wearing them.

Finally, I have about 400 photos of my slings in various places and think those from the front aren't as good as those I've been posting.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Samantha Harris (model)

Like a lot of slingshot models Sam is a model in Florida. Visit Sam website

Probably my favorite (story)

I mentioned Lisa had found my second favorite story, this is my favorite. It was posted to a message board somewhere by TNT on 20th April 2001 under the thread "True or Dare".

The following is the whole story.

I've been meaning to write for some time, but that school thing keeps getting in the way. So anyhow, this is a couple of weeks old already, but when I saw this dare, I figured I would take the time and write NOW.

My roomie received a package, but when she opened it she started crying. She asked her step-mother to send her her swimsuit. She had forgotten it over spring break. Instead, her step-mother said she would order her a new suit and have it shipped to her. My roomie doesn't get along well with her step-mother, so when the package arrived my roomie thought she had another reason to dislike her. Inside the package was a really sexy little swimsuit. We call them slingshots down here.

The suit is just two loops sewn together at the crotch - no sides, strips barely wide enough to cover each nipple, and thin strips over shoulders and down the crack of your buttocks. The package also had a mesh cover-up that wouldn't cover a thing. The mesh was more like fish netting. I mean, why bother? Now my roomie dresses quite conservatively. And she would never, ever be seen in anything like this outfit.

But as it turns out, it was a BIG mistake. Her step-mother screw-up the order. My roomie's suit arrived at her step-mother's house, and the slingshot and mesh cover-up was suppose to be for her step-mother. Once my roomie figured this out, she refused to send her step-mother the right package. Sooooo, my roomie gave me the outfit!

I generally wear a bit more than this little thing, but I figured it would be a good sun tanning suit in rotation. The suit was a little long for me, but with a little help from my roomie to tie a knot in the string on my back, the suit was a snug fit.

The roof of our dorm gets turned into a one huge tanning bed this time of year. Since our roof is as tall as any of the nearby roofs, all the girls feel safe in wearing whatever they like - or as little as they like. On any sunny afternoon, you'll find a few dozen of us gals catching the sun. And generally one or two will be topless. And occasionally, someone will strip completely. (I've done it a few times over the years.) We know the men's dorm down street has set up a telescope, but since our building is higher, they can only see us if we stand up near the edge.

Wearing the slingshot on the roof seemed like no big deal to me. Of course, the walk to the roof and climbing the ladder was an experience. Some of the other girls thought I was walking around nude (again) when I left my hair down. From the back, I guess it could look that way.

So anyhow, I've been wearing this slingshot suit off and on - let me rephrase - alternating different suits for several days. Then one day, Martha lays down beside me. When I rolled over on my stomach, I started twisting my arm trying to get the lotion on all those "hard to reach" spots. Martha offered to help. And boy did she help! She didn't just rub lotion on the spots I couldn't reach, but she covered every inch of my back - my neck to my toes. I noticed a few girls laughing as Martha surprised me by oiling my entire buttocks!

Fortunately, when Martha asked me to oil her back, she was wearing a full-cut bikini. No intimate touching necessary. Well, Martha always laid beside me whenever we both were on the roof top. And every time I wore the slingshot, she made certain I was completely oiled. A few girls even joked to me about the extra attention Martha was giving me. It felt weird, but it was nice, too, if you know what I mean.

Well, one day, the weather was great and I had a lighter class schedule, so a few of us caught the bus to the beach. All I wore was the slingshot, a towel, and my flip-flops. And I was one of the more dressed beach goers! The beaches here unofficially topless, and you'll see several women go topless. And on occasion, a nudist or two. The patrols "sometimes" will ask a nudie to cover-up, but I think that only happens when someone else complains - and that is really rare! I've only gone completely nude a couple of times on this beach, and those times were with Tina a couple of years ago. If someone else suggests going topless, I'm usually the first to join them.

Well, I discovered a couple of things about wearing a slingshot. You can easily bare your breasts - flasher style. But if you are just trying to get a better tan, this suit makes it more difficult. Slide the straps off your shoulders and you have a pile of material at your feet. So anyhow, a couple of the other gals take their tops off, but I felt like if I tried to join them, I might as well had been nude. I wasn't ready to go that far - yet. Martha did her usual thorough oiling. And as she did, I mentioned my little "problem" with this suit.

Martha didn't ask, but she just untangled the knot in the back strap. She thought it would help me move the straps around to get better coverage. Now, two thin strips don't cover a thing. The back wasn't the problem. It was the front. And when I rolled over, the loosened sling became quite a problem too. I finally decided to slip my arms free and "carefully" position the V while exposing my top. It felt great. It felt like I wasn't wearing a thing either since it was so loose. Well, after several rotations, I might have been less careful in the positioning of the V, but I didn't give "too" many of the other beach goers a view to remember.

Well, when it was finally time to catch the bus back to campus. We all scrambled. Of course, we waited until the last minute - critical sun time and all. ;-) While I was trying to get myself back into the slingshot, several of the other girls grabbed all the towels and stuff - including my towel. Now I realized I was in trouble. Everyone was running towards the road since the bus was coming. I had no way to tie the knot behind me - it took my roomie several minutes to figure out how to tie it the first time. I grabbed my flip-flops and with one hand trying to hold the sling in place over my breasts, I raced to catch up to my friends. More than just a few of the guys watching cheered as I ran past. I barely made it to the bus, too. The bus driver was all smiles.

First, he wouldn't let me on the bus in my barefeet. So picture me slipping on my flip-flops without holding the sling in place! I looked up and he was ALL smile. Then I didn't have the fare. I had to stand next to him - not quite all in the suit either - as I waited for one of my friends to pay my fare. All my friends were laughing hysterically. Martha had my towel, and I covered myself. Bad enough right?

It gets "worse." The few other passengers - mostly Cuban women - were giggling, too. Fortunately, the other passengers got off the bus at the first few stops and no one else got on. Martha comes up with the bright idea to "fix" my sling on the bus. Delirious from the embarrassment, I agreed. Trouble was, she couldn't tie the knot with me wearing the sling.

We were towards the back of the bus, and I figured, "Okay, I still have the towel to cover-up." Question: Have you ever tried to remove a slingshot while wearing a towel and seated? It wasn't easy - actually it was impossible. For a brief few seconds I was just wearing my flip-flops! And they caught the sling as I slipped it off. Martha managed to tie the suit again, but we were already on campus and other passengers were getting on the bus. I debated to myself about slipping the suit back on, but since I had done the towel dare, I figured I could just wear the towel back to the dorm.

I asked one of the girls with a beach bag to stuff my suit in her bag. Everyone started to hoot. Then just as things were going bad to worse - the bus got a flat tire! We're about a half mile from the dorm. The driver announces another bus will be here in about an hour! Everyone starts to get off the bus. I was left with the choice: wait in a towel by myself or walk back to the dorm in the towel with my friends. I decided the latter. Now, on campus, seeing a few girls walking in bikinis is not completely uncommon, but it is still early in the season. So we attracted some attention from the other students.

Most of us had our towels tied around ourselves. A couple of girls started to play up to the attention by carrying their towels. And a couple more retied their towels around their waists. I, of course, had the towel tightly underneath my arms with my hands holding the flap in place. Even with being completely covered. It was quite the rush. I had done the towel dare the first time in the middle of the night. This time broad daylight. So, sorry, I didn't wear my thong on the beach.

Near Cabo Gata, Spain (places)

The photo below was the third slingshot I've made and worn. The material was metallic blue with the two pieces on the front and back contected by blue chain which went either side of my neck. The chain was inspired from one of the Ironman swimsuit videos (which contain a lot of Colleen Kelly's slings) which has Ahmo Hight in a shower on the beach wearing a sling where the two strings on the back are made out of pearls.

It was taken within a days sail of Cabo Gata (where they filmed spaghetti westerns). I rowed ashore to this beach which was directly below a car park. This was the first time I'd worn a slingshot in such a public place so I picked this one because I'd decided the other two slings were to small . Compared to the slingshots I wear now there seems to be a lot of material.

I decided to go for a walk so put on my sarong and tshirt. Why a sarong? You can vary the length based on the time of day and it protects you from sunburning also I find they keep you cooler under the sun. Once I'd climbed away from the beach and got to the road I removed by tshirt. It was deserted apart from two cars in the car park, in the distance I saw two people walking towards me. Should I put my tshirt on?

I quickly decided the answer was no because I was wearing my sarong and the thought of them trying to work out how the string run would be good fun. About 30 seconds after they passed me I decided to return to the beach. This was the first time they has seen a sling from the way they kept glancing back.

Getting back to the rocks down to the beach a policeman on a dune buggy drove by. I'd just put my tshirt incase I mis-steped (I was bare foot) on the sharp rocks while climbing down. Once back at the beach of came the tshirt and sarong and I took this photo to prove to myself I did this. Now the world can see I did it.

Alicia Kowalski (model)

The quality of the photos, model and lace slingshot is staggering, although they should probably have cut the string on the back after they tied it off. You can but it from I have seen other models on this website wearing slings but non are available from this site which is surprising because they were taken by the same photographer.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Jennifer Lawson (model)

Jen is wearing a slingshot design I have never seen before. The sling crosses over on the front so when it goes over the shoulder and goes down the back the strings appear to grip the body more than some other designs of sling. Jen's website

Faith (model)

Another photo from a Cocoa Beach bikini contest. Faith appears in a serious of DVD available online. Two highlights are her white one piece slingshot and a two piece. The bottom is black and the top is white lace teardrop shown below.

The white on piece.

The teardrop top.

Cocoa Beach bikini contest (model)

A sling from a competition on Cocoa Beach Florida.

Vida Guerra (model)

The sling is below the net which really highlights the way the strings want to run. Vida website is a bit flash heavy but good visit.

Andy Mcfarland (photographer)

There are a number of photographers who take great photos of beautiful models wearing slingshots on the beach. Andy is easily in the top five. See Andy's portfolio.

Kristen Deluca (model)

This slingshot and net top combination has been used to good effect for another model. This one is pink the other is the same light blue you saw Charity wearing on the previous post. See more at Kristen website.

Charity Hodges (model)

Charity has worn lots of small bikinis and this was the first and as far as I know the only slingshot she has worn. Its taken by a great photographer who likes the beach.

Holiday in the South of France (story)

A good story about Vanessa about wearing a sling in France. Her friend Debbie is wearing a slingshot like bikini that sounds similar to a story posted earlier. The links at the bottom of these extracts.

On Monday
"...(I was a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to wearing my new 'sling' swimsuit in public)..."

On Thursday
"...a big leisure centre in Marseille...Debbie had taken my white lycra swimsuit to wear, and I'd taken my new white lyrca 'sling' swimsuit (John likes white lycra, especially when it gets wet). I think I'd better describe the swimsuits.

The 'big' swimsuit that Debbie wore is a one piece one that you put your head through then let it fall down your front. You then straighten the front out and then push the lower bits through your legs and grab the cords that then come round your waist to fasten near your belly button. To describe it another way, it started as a thin strap round the back of your neck, then expanded in two pieces to cover your breasts. It then goes down in a deep 'V' going over your pussy, still in two pieces that are only about an inch wide. They don't actually meet each other but are both attached to the back part about half an inch apart just where your arse hole is. The back is like a full, high-cut bikini bottom back that comes round to the front as two thin tie cords. These cords can either be tied on top of, or underneath the front part. When I put it on and lean forward with it fastened underneath the front part, the front part hangs forward leaving my reasts and pubis exposed. I also have trouble keeping my clit inside the 2 front parts.

The 'sling' has even less material. It comprises of 2 front bits that nearly cover my breasts. They start with virtually nothing, spread apart to cover my breasts, then taper back to just the bit where the cords attach. The 2 cords then go down my front and have the top part of a triangle that covers my pubis attached to them. The triangle only covers the visible part of my pussy when I'm stood up. And the 2 cords go either side of my pussy and are fastened together where they meet to go up my ass crack. The 2 cords then part company as they come out of the top of ass cheeks and go over my shoulders to join to the top of breast bits. When you look at me from the side it looks as if I'm not wearing anything at all..."

"...With the teenagers still staring at us, we locked our clothes in a locker and went out to the pool..."""

"...There's an outside part with sunbeds on the grass. Debbie and me did get a bit of attention from some of the teenage boys and men there..."

On Wednesday
"...We went to the car and changed into our swimsuits outside the car. Of course it was easiest to whip our dresses off and stand there naked while we arranged our swimsuits. I wore my sling swimsuit and Debbie wore my other swimsuit, the one that she wore at the swimming pool in Marseille. She said that all of hers were way too big for the South of France... "

Holiday in the South of France

Amy Yanagisawa (model)

The photos of this yellow and pink sling are okay but not best of Rob Sims work. Buy the set

Laura, again (model)

The photo from the front was good, the view from the back is as good.

Heather Lucido, again (model)

You can see the two string on the back of the suit, a great pose.

Kimberly Culbertson (model)

Teasum seem have the best models who dare to wear slingshots.

Heather Lucido, again (model)

On these two photos you can see one string on the back, the setting sun brings out the colors of her skin.
This is the second

Jennifer (model)

Another great photo of Teaseum slingshot. Don't know her last name.

Jackie (natural)

A different Jackie with a great reflection in the mirror.

Jacqui (natural)

Here is Jacqui winning bikini-beach's contest in February 2001.

Heather Lucido (model)

Heather has a great body, I cannot believe she is over 35. There is a better photo of her leaning back on this beach so you can see the two strings on the back of this blue slingshot.

Amy from 2001 (person)

This collection of purple slingshot was my favorite in 2001. Here is a example.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Amy (model)

I like this pink sling from a photo set you can buy from fitness beauties.

Alyssa Ferrari (model)

You can but this gallery of a blue single string sling from Fitness beauties

There is also a red slingshot available.

Citudella (place)

I've got some photos taken at Citudella in Minorca. Wasn't able to find an aerial photo so this map will have to do.
Black dots mark were I have worn my slingshots and have photos. The two on the right are below.
You can see from this photo the width of this cala is tiny. There is a path that runs down both side. This first photo was taken where the middle black dot is above, the side with a road running next to the path.
The beach this photo below was taken on was tiny, enough for about three people. The road over looked this beach, about 3 meters above, the path run down around the beach and then above my head. It is the black dot on the right hand of the map.

I was wearing this slingshot when a few minutes later a women started jogging on the spot while waiting for her friend to catch up. The first women was probably in her mid thirties and with the quick glance I think she could have taken part in fitness competitions. Her friend caught up about 10 seconds later. After she left I took a photo of the wall where she had been looking down to preserve the memory.

Jennifer Emerson (model)

This bikini looks like a new Colleen Kelly design and is very close to being a slingshot. You can see more of here on her website.
Here is a second, with it slightly damp.

Candice Dela Cruz (model)

Candice is wearing this slingshot in an alternative to wearing the strings directly over the shoulders. It holds the strings against the body more. Slings with straight strings going over the shoulders can vibrate in the wind.

Kyla (model)

Here is Kyla modelling a Teasum bikini taken by Ephotique

Ashley Kimmel, red sling (model)

Ashley on a boat, I think taken in 2005.

Ashley Kimmel (model)

I find it in possible to describe the beauty of Ashley. A common saying needs changing to "a picture is worth a million words". Catch her at Teaseum bikini.

Denise Worth (model)

Denise wearing teardrop sling. Visit her at OneModelplace to see the back which is two strings. Also see

Friday, December 09, 2005

Marci wearing a slingshot (story)

I saved this from a forum, I think its a slingshot being described.

Marci took off her shirt and shorts and once again stole the show. Her suit is a little hard to explain but try to follow along. She said she had bought this a few years ago and never worn it but it seemed appropriate. She said I am the Easter Bunny! It was a black monokini kind of thing. The bottom was a full cut but not a triangle shape but more of an oval shape. About half way between the center and the right side was about a 2 inch round hole in the suit about midway up (or down) you could see her skin through. The top was made of materail that hooked to the bottom and two strips went up from the bottom and over each shoulder. The strips both attached to the bottom on the right side and one went staright up and one at an angle to go over the left shoulder. They were about 2 inches wide where they attached at the bottom and got about 4 or 5 inches wide as they went over her breasts, and then came to a point above that and just a string went over her shoulders. the same pattern formed on the back side of the suit.

Teardrop slingshot (buy)

I've just been looking at the design of slingshots on Viva brazil. The three designs are a good illustration of the different types of slingshot available form many makers. I hope they ship to America.

The first is a teardrop slingshot available in 8 colors. As you can see all three patches are teardrops. The back is two strings.Buzious

The second design is a slighly larger one piece sling. The back is a single string from the neck down. slick miami

Finally, a two piece slingshot where the back is two strings. The bikini top is slightly larger than the teardrop.suspender

Tangas and More (buy)

A fairly new place to buy slingshots from is TANGAS and MORE - Shop. I think this shop keeps changing its name. Previous names were something like VivaBrazil and Slickbikinis.

I think this is Darlene who made an appearance earlier. However, there was another model very similar but with a different name who wore a pink sling outside a cafe/bar for slickbikinis.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Debbie wearing a sling (story)

Thanks to Lisa for finding this long lost story, I read it a few years ago but couldn't find it again. The following is a very long extract, the full story is longer. If the author or Lisa objects to such a large quote let me know.

This is my second favorite story. It was while searching for this story (I remembered it contained the word "shoulder") that I found my favorite story. It about a slingshot intended for her room-mates step-mother which she ends up wearing on the roof of the building, on the beach and a bus.

The rest of this post is the extract, its from the viewpoint of her husband when he wonders where she disappears to:

I was quite surprised to see her standing their in a very skimpy one piece bathing tsuit. I recalled seeing it in a store that we had visited the day before when we were shopping. It was made for a girl with a much smaller figure. The bathing suit consisted of material that split into 2 thin strips of material that ran from her crotch over her nipples, over her shoulders and joined back down to a thin strip above her behind. I was shocked to say the least. Debbie had never indicated that she had ever wanted to wear anything like that, and especially in the open where someone might see her. I was both shocked and yet a little excited. Debbie has always been too reserved to be wearing something like this. The strip of material barely covered her nipples with her breasts bulging from both sides of the material.

I continued to watch as she stepped down into the water. As she reached the bottom of the steps she walked out into the pool until she was waist deep in the water. She then leaned back and swam backwards towards the other end of the pool, with her breasts clearly visible above the surface of the water as she swam. After she reached the end of the pool she turned around and swam back towards the other end. Half way across she diverted her direction to the air mattress. As she reached the air mattress, she grabbed it and then pulled it over to the shallow end of the pool. Debbie stood up out of the water for about a minute looking around before she jumped up onto the air mattress, lying down onto her stomach. She floated around for a few minutes on the raft, with the only thing covering her was the thin strip of material from the crack of her bare behind and up over her shoulders. She floated around for a few minutes, before she decided to flip over onto her back. As she flipped over onto her back the strip of material barely covering her right nipple slipped completely to one side of her breast, which as soon as she got situated onto the raft she grabbed the material and moved back over her nipple. Debbie´s breasts are large and pendulous in shape, so while she lies on her back, her breast tend to lean to each side of her body. She continued to float around the pool for a almost 10 minutes. I watched as the weight of each of her breasts leaning to each side would force the thin strips of material to suddenly spring towards the center of her body exposing both of her nipples to the air. She would quickly grab the material and replace it back over her nipples. This happened 3 times before she finally rolled off the raft and back into the water.

After she splashed into the water she had to fix her top again before she swam towards the deep end of the pool and back. I wanted to go down and surprise her and get into the pool with her, but for some reason I was enjoying watching her from the balcony even more. Debbie continued to swim for a little bit longer until she finally stopped in the middle. The water was waist deep. She ducked down into the water and jumped up causing a splash of water. She ducked down again, this time as she jumped up the force of the water caused the material to slightly slip, exposing her nipples. This time though, she didn´t readjust the material, she left her nipples exposed. She leaned back and swam back towards the deep end of the pool, as the material slipped even more towards the center of her chest completely exposing her breasts. I can´t explain why, but I felt excited about all this. She continued to swim on her back to the shallow end of the pool with her breasts completely bare. As she reached the shallow end of the pool, she stopped and ducked down again into the water. She looked around, to make sure no one was around, before standing up again to climb up the steps. Her breasts were still completely bare as she climbed up onto the deck. As she reached the top of the deck and started walking. She didn´t stop at her robe as I had expected. She continued around the pool, her breasts bouncing and swaying each step she took, until she got to the diving board at the deep end. She climbed up onto the diving board and walked out towards the end. I´m not sure why, but she then fixed the material back over each of her nipples before she bounced a few times before jumping into the pool. It didn´t take many bounces before her breasts had bounced out from behind the material again. The splash into the pool was fairly loud, and I was concerned that it might wake someone up. If it wasn´t for the sound of the ocean and the sound of all the room air conditioners, I´m sure everyone would have heard it. It wasn´t long before she came to the surface of the water. She swam over to the closest ladder and held on for a few seconds, before climbing back up onto the deck, with her breasts still completely exposed. She walked around the pool over to the shallow end, where she sat down for a few minutes. I noticed that she lightly brushed her hands over her nipples a couple times before she stepped back into the water. From the expression on her face, I sensed that she was feeling turned on as she got back into the water. She had been in the water for almost an hour, and the sun was due up in less than an hour. She continued to swim around for a few minutes until she stopped in the middle near the raft. She looked around for almost 2 minutes. I wondered what she was up to until I saw her reach for the strips of material over her shoulders near her neck and move them to the edge of each shoulder above her arms. She then proceeded to swim backwards towards the deep end of the pool.

It didn´t take long before each of the straps slipped off each shoulder. Oh my gosh, I realized that as the material slipped off each shoulder there was nothing keeping the suit on and it would slip completely off her and into the pool, and the deep end at that. As Debbie reached the wall of the deep end, I knew then that she was completely naked, not that the suit covered up much, but now she didn´t even have that, as she hung onto the side of the pool wall.

White glass bottom boat (place)

I mentioned a white glass bottom boats that come through Taullera once an hour having departed and returing to Mahon.
This boat was not that full compared to some later that holiday. On a second visit to this bay two boats this size, which were mostly full, passed within 20 metres.